Morning folks. The Aussie Curves ladies are venturing into pink week this week and it’s a place I’m certainly not as comfortable in as I was last week in all my stripe clothing! That’s FOR SURE. But pink is pink and I’m dedicated to playing along every week this year so here I am. What’s a plus-size outfit challenge without pushing your buttons a little. And for me, pick pushes a couple.

You see my sister was THE PINK ONE in our family.

I always opted for blue or yellow. She loved pink almost as much as she loved her Barbies and ruffles on her clothes. She’s the girlie girl. The little lady. The pink one. Me? Not so much. I was the smart one, the always reading one, the blue one {later it became black, I’m okay with black}. It’s funny how these roles sort of land on you as a child and stick.

Obviously these days I’m a little more flexible and have a number of pink items in my wardrobe. I had hoped to share the pink moto jacket again from this old post but seriously it’s been a million degrees here most days {with random, almost cold days between}. There was no way I was dragging a jacket on. Maybe if you paid me. But no one was offering, so I went to plan b with this dress borrowed from a friend.

For me, this dress told me to pair it with my spiky red heels and red lippy.

It was practically essential. The dress had this beautiful fiery orange in it that lends itself beautifully to red. In these photos, you’d almost swear it DID have red in it. It doesn’t. And I love the clash of the red that is almost perfectly matched colour tone-wise. It makes for something interesting, I think, rather than the same old, same old of my wearing a complementary shade. Say orange or pink. I’m not sure if everyone would agree with this as a strategy but I love it.

Give it a try.

Sometimes I like to wear my green wedges with orange or mint green flats with peach. It’s about trying different things and finding what you like. Sure it’s easier to find a good colour match when you go all matchy-matchy {and you KNOW I’m a fan of that} but it can get same old same old. I’m a big fan of maximising your wardrobe to get the most wears out of any one item of clothing so this is a fun tip to add to the trick type hiding place. What would you call that, like a playbook or how-to guide or something? Meh. Who knows.

Pink & red, do you wear it?

Now let’s talk about this dress for a moment. It’s brand new with tags {except, of course for these photos} and it’s FOR SALE. The dress was originally purchased by my friend Desiree. It’s from City Chic and is a size XL. But as you can see it’s got a little flexibility to it. I normally wear a large, sometimes a medium. We just pulled the straps tighter thanks to a back tie and went from there. The material feels beautiful against your skin and the colours are just as gorgeous in real life. It’s selling for $50 + postage. Please inbox me on the Facebook page or email me if you’re interested {both links are in the sidebar at the top right corner}.

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