No really, this was going to be a monochrome outfit, I had my handbag in the car, my shoes on, I was tying my hair into a messy ponytail because it’s raining {again!} and the curls were going nuts and Hubby says, why don’t you wear the pink jacket? Umm what? The PINK jacket? Firstly, which one!? It turns out I have three pink blazers, which seems a little excessive… Especially for my fairly streamlined wardrobe. But it turns out he meant none of them.

He meant the new hot pink zip biker jacket sent in the selection of new items from Autograph.

To humour him and then absolutely say, naaah, I prefer the all-black look I put the jacket on and zipped it up. And shock of shocks I loved it. There’s just something a bit rebellious about wearing hot pink in the middle of a wet winter late afternoon. It sort of says you can rain on my parade but you won’t beat me, don’t you think? I highly recommend a hot pink jacket for just this sort of occasion.

I love monochrome, seriously. But today it got its sweet butt kicked by hot pink. Isn’t that the way it rolls sometimes?

Now lets for a moment talk about these pants, shall we!? I love peg pants, jersey I thought would be comfortable and crush less. I ordered my normal size and they are a large fit on me, great absolutely workable in this style, no problem. Except that there’s a huge problem with the weight of the material! When Hubby said to me, errr hun those pants are pretty much see-through, I thought he meant the off white panels at the side… Later he tells me in daylight you can see through them to my underwear ALL THE WAY AROUND. So you’ve been warned. I’m thinking black tights under them would even that out… Probably.

Long sleeve t-shirt – Bonds
Zip Biker Jacket – Autograph {gifted}
Stripe Jersey Peg Pants – ASOS Curve
Shoes – Evans


Seriously, when I get on board with something, I just flog it until it’s dead. Peg pants, I love you. Have you tried them yet, do you love them? Tell me if you’ve spotted any amazing pairs that I should be adding to my collection. Though I am pretty sure I have enough pairs to last at least 3 lifetimes. Are you like that with trends, an all or nothing kinda girl?  


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