Break the rules week, huh? Mine is not an overly controversial outfit by most people’s standards. A tee, a skirt and some high tops. No biggie, right? Except that this is one of the last remaining ‘rules’ I had for myself. I refused to wear this style of sneakers, especially with a skirt. It wasn’t flattering. I copped a bit of flack growing up about my chunky legs. Solid calves, solid thighs meant no, no for high tops. No matter how ‘in’ they were. Not for this girl. Oh, no way. Or so I was told. You know how it goes. Kids can be cruel.

But it’s worse, I think when your grown-up self believes them.

I had also decided a little while ago that t-shirts with messages/quotes on them were too young for me now. 29 is too old for statement tee’s apparently. Thanks, brain. Nice rule {not}. Especially considering how much I love them. They make me laugh. I like to play around sometimes designing new ones. But somewhere along the time, I decided that I was going to have to give that up. I let me un-serious slip a little.

So with a nice big dash of teen attitude, I went out this weekend and picked up some. They were on sale at my local DFO so I got TWO pairs. One lower cut and put this outfit together. Side pony, statement tee {Twilight fans will get it} and some bright colours. What’s not to love. It really is amazing what you can do when you decide to throw the rules aside. Especially those that you set for yourself. Stupid ones. And sure, heels may be a waaaaay more flattering choice for this outfit but you know WHAT? Heels just aren’t that comfortable. Sometimes a girl needs some flats with a decent sole and support.

My teenage self was a bit of a jerk. Can you tell? Haha.

This post also says a little about how long some things can stay with you. Get told this by your peers. You believe them. You learn to blend in. Not draw attention to yourself. Wear what other people are wearing and don’t expect too much. It’s aย reoccurringย script that if let run for too long soon starts to run you. I find that I make rules sometimes, then later break them. Other people set rules for me, I might believe them for a while but sooner or later I do what I want. I wholeheartedlyย encourageย you to do the same. Work out what you like. Work out who YOU are. Work out which rules you’re happy to abide by. Break the rest of them. Channel the rebellious teen in all of us.

This is a call to action to break the rules. All of you.

Blazer – Crossroads

Tee – I forget, sorry!

Skirt – Virtu {similar}

Sneakers – Converse

{some brand associations apply, please see my disclosure policy}


Now I’ll let the other ladies show you how it’s done!


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