Last night dinner ran late so I decided to watch a movie with the Mr instead of writing this blog post. I’m glad I did because now it’s about appreciation and taking the time. Rather than whatever other b.s. I was going to pull out of my butt yesterday.

Appreciation. Gratitude. Acknowledgement.

When it comes to relationships whether they be for work or for play, you just can’t go past being appreciated. Turn that outwards, and appreciation can go a long way toward keeping your partner, team or organisation happy.

But often it’s the first thing to be forgotten. A thank you here and a well done there. I see it all the time as I work within all types of organisation. Sometimes all it takes is a reminder, others it takes an entire culture shift. But one thing I know for sure is that showing people you appreciate them is always worth it.

Work, rest or play.

It’s like they talk about in the whole love languages thing. It’s about finding the way to best communicate that with people and doing that. For Kel, it’s always about the touch. A back rub or a hand placed on his shoulder is what really makes him feel appreciated. He’s also a Sagittarius, so he loves a good present.

Me? I like people to use their words, to tell me how they feel and then back that up with actions. No gifts, I’m okay with a gift, but what really shows me you appreciate me is making an effort. Using your words and backing that up by showing me. Forget big gestures or crazy displays, I’m a simple girl. Make time for me during your day, check in on me, and I’m good with that.

Appreciation, right? What’s your flavour?


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