I feel like this post should start with; you know you’re an E.A. when… And now, it sort of does. By day, I am pleb-ish Executive Assistant to some fab folks. Let me tell you blogging while difficult to fit into the spare hours, is much more exciting with all this extra content to write about.

Right boss?

Like, for example, when it comes to the coffee run fitting into eating plans there was a recent change from soy milk to almond. Something our local cafe can’t fulfil due to lack of demand. They are, however, ok with you bringing your own milk for your coffee. So I do. Well, I do for her, and sometimes she does. Right? Whatever it takes for an almond milk cappuccino.

This errand often coincides with my opportunity to grab some items for myself or duck into the shops. It occurred to me this week what a risk it is to be carting around a chilled carton of almond milk in your bag. Not a spillage risk, but a risk of being nabbed for shoplifting said milk since I have no proof of purchase on me.

Explaining this to the staff of the coffee shop I joked that I would not be calling my Mum to bail me out of that one. Oh no, I think we all can agree that the boss-lady would absolutely need to be responsible for that bailout. She would come too, I’m sure, laughing her butt off with half the office coming along for the ride. Guaranteed. I can see the headline of the Gympie Times now;

Smarty dressed woman (Me, obviously) nabbed for pinching almond milk for cappuccino!

In a town like this I would never live it down. Someone reminded me just the other day of that time in a local theatre production that I sang that song about ice-cream no one can remember the name of and tripped over my dress almost flashing the crowd. So yeah, they don’t forget. They have long memories around here folks, looooong memories.

Luckily almond milk cappuccino is worth it and not just for the blog content. They can keep them and all the milk dragging, bag smuggling, almond milk related struggles, I’m a latte kinda girl myself. What about you?

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