It’s been longer than we expected, after the first house we were hoping to purchase fell over weeks and weeks into the contract period. With money already spent and time running out, we went back to the market looking for a house that met our criteria, that we both loved. We found that house.

We found THE house. And Monday, in conjunction with our bank, we made it ours. A home sweet home that turns us from benevolent house guests to homeowners once again. Phew. An hour after we collected the keys we had started the work we want to do before moving in.

Including removing a wall in the kitchen and repairing the house, top to bottom inside. We are removing carpets, there are more polished floor below and it’s looking like will we be painting a concrete floor in my new office. Lots to do with an aim to have it all finalised in 3 weeks ready to move in.


With this house it was love at first sight. The angles, the light, the timber, the huge block. I knew it would be mine and I started forming a plan for what I wanted to do with it. Then came what I could afford to do now and what would come later. Then I pinned like a mad woman planning the room layouts and design. Piece by piece the concept came together in my head.

When ended up with a slight detour to that plan when in February, we had a lot of rain. A lot, a lot. It poured down so long and hard it flooded our storage shed wiping out a large portion of our furniture, electrical items and my cook book collection. Not the cook books! It became one more thing on the list I would need to do.

You know, replace ALL the things?

Overwhelm set in as Mr Suger and I ventured to the shops to replace our couch, main bedroom and dining room furniture. I was also looking for a rug or two and maybe a bunk bed for our guest room. There was an idea forming, but nothing set in stone. We left that night without buying a thing.

On the weekend just gone I met with my friend Marylou of Your Sanctuary Design for a sit down to talk paint colours and design type things. She helped me cement my thoughts into a clear idea of what I was going for. Shopping, she said, would be easier if I could make choices and change my mind on the spot based on an overall theme. A clear picture of what I want. And can I tell you, she was so right.

The Suger’s are now proud owners of a couch, lots of cushions, a dining table and chairs and a floor lamp. Phew. Plus a colour palette and a theme for lack of a better word. To share that whole thing with you guys as we go, to give a feeling of what I’m going for, check out the collage below. 

House Inspiration Collage Sugers Place

What do you think? More house updates or less? I’ve already voted yes to house updates, so you’re going to have to live through that. Haha. To bore you to tears is my plan. Brace yourself.

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