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Slipping the fabric of this white dress over my head, pulling it over my hips and into position around my legs, I thought to myself how comfortable, how easy it is to wear and how stylish. With a shake of my hair, the grabbing of my favourite boots and the addition of some jewels I was ready. Another dinner out. Grocery shopping has been avoided this week at all costs. ALL costs.

I shouted to Mr Suger that I would meet him in the car, grabbed my camera on the way past and flicked through my phone while I waited for him to join me. We left and on the way pulled over to grab some photos. The sun was setting, so we had to be fast. We do this often, fast is not a problem. Then as we returned to the car Mr Suger, with an odd look on his face said, I don’t know, and that dress looks like a cross between a sack and a nighty but with better material. Then he shrugged, jumped in the car, and turned the key.

As he drove us to dinner, I punched him on the arm. Told him to shut up, this dress rocks and what would he know anyways. I love the man, but he is the worst when it comes to helping choose my outfits. It’s the reason we’ve decided I wouldn’t ask him, and he wouldn’t tell me. After all, he has no idea, right?

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Mesh Panel Midi White Dress – Boohoo + {size – UK24 – gifted}
Gold Necklace – Diva 
Turquoise Necklace and Bangles – Sequins and Sand {gifted}
Ankle Boots – Barefoot Tess



You might also want to check out this dress with THE jacket. The structure of the jacket gives it a whole different look.

boohoo white dress plus size fashion-1

Do you ever wear things that your partner thinks are odd? You do it anyway, right?


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  • I am still waaaaaay to messy a person to wear even a plain white whirt let alone a dress! Jelly!

    • Haha. I thought I was too. No idea how this has stayed intact like it has… Napisan helps for the times I wipe my hands on my hips like a toddler, that’s probably the worst of it so far. 😉

  • My partner once told me he hates dark green clothes….and now whenever I see something green I’m drawn to it lol. And yes, if I like it I buy it and wear the heck out of it

    • My uncle always says ‘what’s better than green?’ and the answer is? DARK GREEN! Haha.

  • love these pics of you… beautiful xx

    • Thank you Kat. Looking forward to seeing you in a couple of weeks! Eeeep.

  • H2289

    Love it with the jacket but feel its missing something in these photos. Its needs a belt or something to give it that structure- beautiful dress though.
    Hubby has my distressed jeans haha he says they make me look homeless…………

    • That jacket makes EVERYTHING look a million bucks. Haha. A couple of people have suggested a belt. I’ll be sure to keep you guys in the loop when I give it a go!

      HA. YES. My Dad says the same thing… Something along the lines of they need to go into the rag bag or gee Melissa, I’m glad you wore you ‘gooood’ pants to dinner {sarcasm font}. Love!

  • Absolutely , I don’t value my husbands opinion on fashion , that’s ok cause fashion is personal. The only opinion that counts is our own right?
    I really like this Melissa , and the accessories are spot on girl!
    Of course I like a bit of drape , love that you are rocking different looks ,who says we have to be one trick ponies. Variety keeps it interesting x

    • I think that’s what it is. Murphy said something similar on Instagram. It’s something different for me, a shape people aren’t used to seeing me wear. And I love it, so that’s the point, right? Glad to have lots of other options from people for styling ideas, it’ll just make this sack nighty of mine all the more versatile. Haha.

  • sharee

    I love this on you . Who cares what “they” think ?? My husband thinks only Goth’s wear black nail polish !!

    • Thank you. Haha. Well tell him I must be a goth then too. I LOVE black nail polish.

  • I never even ask my husband what he thinks anymore – his comments are unhelpful anyway ‘I dont like it/I’m not sure about it’ could mean it looks/fits hideously or that he simply doesnt like the colour.
    I like this dress on you, but I feel like it needs a large pop of colour (just personal preference). The jacket in the other post makes it look like a totally different outfit.

    • I’ve learnt that lesson too. Mostly because I like to follow my own advice when I say don’t ask me something you already know the answer to. If I love my outfit, I’m happy to wear it, anything else that is said is just rain on my parade.

      HA. You and your bloody pops of colour. 😉

  • Mel Watson

    I always wear things that A doesn’t agree with! And it is usually those outfits that I am most proud of because it means it is me being a little daring! =)

  • lisarapley

    Haha, great post! I bought a dress at the end of last year which Man Piece has actually dubbed my “fatty sack”, because he thinks it looks like I’m wearing a sack, but I absolutely love the dress! Also, I just bought a long cardigan which he says looks like a dressing gown. Sometimes I will listen to him, but most of the time I won’t.

    • Thank you Lisa. HA! I snorted my coffee through my nose. Fatty sack indeed. Pffft. Men, sometimes they just don’t get it. 😉

  • RobM

    I think that looks really great on you, Suger. I don’t really ask hubby’s opinion that much! Maybe i will,
    when he starts wearing my suggestions for his wardrobe!