My plan this winter is to wear white. A LOT. I’m adding to my wardrobe and I pretty much am planning to add the snowy shade to everything I wear. Stains pending. Haha. But I love the white against my skin tone and copper hair colour. Adding black, grey and denim is my entire plan. Don’t expect much colour from me this winter. I’m going some version of Scandinavian, an Aussie version. I like colour, but meh, maybe another season. Ha.

Do you ever do that? Just decide that for a while all you are going to do is dress like this, do that, whatever? I do. Sometimes I realise I’ve done it and I have only worn black and white for a week. Other times it’s part of a strategic plan that does or doesn’t pay off/work out. This time I added denim {hello chambray} back in because of this jacket. I mean, why wouldn’t you? A repeat from a previous season this beauty is just as stylish, effortlessly cool and chic as it was the first time it was released. Well done team, well done.

More pics? Yeah I thought you’d be keen.

plus size date night outfit boohoo 17 sundays-2 plus size date night outfit boohoo 17 sundays-10 plus size date night outfit boohoo 17 sundays-4 plus size date night outfit boohoo 17 sundays-8

I wore this outfit for my birthday dinner. It was a risky choice actually because I had a local Indian restaurant firmly in my sights. And me, I’m a notorious spiller of things. But I made it out alive. The dress was really easy to wear. I’m really glad I chose the white. It’s beautiful and romantic looking without being too girly or over the top. The gauzy top material is beautiful. I’ll be interested to see if I manage to catch it on things though… Gosh, can you imagine me ripping a hole in it? Yeah. Me too. Clumsy. Haha.

Speaking of such things. It did require a slip for modesty sake and the material lends itself to needing it. I was thinking about it while I wore it and I’m not sure even decent underwear work here. So get your nana on ladies. A slip is essential. But heck, it’s another woot woo layer to add to the delicious feel of the whole garment, right?  Plus is styling for Spring and we are in autumn. Layers will help bridge the gap.

plus size date night outfit boohoo 17 sundays-1 plus size date night outfit boohoo 17 sundays-9 plus size date night outfit boohoo 17 sundays-3 plus size date night outfit boohoo 17 sundays-7 plus size date night outfit boohoo 17 sundays-5

Take Me Away Jacket – 17 Sundays – Size 22 {gifted}
Dress – – Size UK24 {gifted}
Booties – Bare Foot Tess 
Necklace – Circle via Uberkate {gifted – longer chain my own}


plus size date night outfit boohoo 17 sundays-11

So what say you, will YOU be wearing white this winter? 


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