Today I saw a woman in black leopard print pants and a print purple floral tunic laugh at a lady wearing a green blazer. Then I saw the lady in the green blazer point out and whisper {not very whispery} horrible things to her friend about a young woman in tribal print tights overlaid with a loose singlet and denim jacket. Then I heard two older ladies, sitting in my usual corner so I didn’t like them very much anyway, complain about a woman they know who comes to events in low cut tops. I watched them all come and go my frown deepening. What the heck ladies?

It bugs me. Annoys me to the very core that woman talk like this about each other. About women they know and women they don’t. As someone who is coming into their own personal style in a smallish town, it frustrates me. The girl in the leggings looked fab. So did the lady in the tunic and the woman in the blazer. All unique choices. All beautiful in their own way. Not a similarity between them body shape or height wise. All different women with different styles. All being cows about it.

It reminds me of a fashion Facebook page or two. The admin posted an image of a new line of tops for Spring. Four out of four were sleeveless {they featured jackets and shrugs earlier, and later featured tops with short and 3/4 sleeves}. Time after time it happens. The comments start. Big ladies shouldn’t wear sleeveless. We should be hiding our fat arms, not flaunting them. Sleeveless, goodness no, when will you get the message BRAND, we don’t want sleeveless. These tops are too expensive anyway!

Well, I thought as I read through these comments. I WEAR SLEEVELESS. I am happy to flaunt my arms. I like to buy items that are sleeveless even if I don’t intend to wear them they way. So excuse me if I think you are being closed minded and self-important. You don’t speak for me, LADY. What you need to say is I don’t wear sleeveless. I’m embarrassed about MY arms and have bought into some idea that my arms are ugly and unworthy of daylight. Or a simple, not for me, I won’t buy them.

I’d be ok with that. It’s like on my posts here. Sometimes the style or the styling just aren’t you. I get that. I’m not asking you to wear them. Promise. You can do whatever it is you like with your body. Wear whatever style you like, but please don’t put your rules or baggage on me. I’ve got enough of my own. Trust me. And I don’t mean to be rude when I address it in the comments. But know, I will call you out on it.

So cover your arms if you like, wear shorts that are barely covering your butt or wear a sheer top with only a bra underneath. It’s up to you. I may not want to wear it myself. I may even think the actual style is a bit silly {hello butt shorts with pockets hanging out} BUT you can wear what YOU want and be able to do it without me judging you. I’ll support that. Always. Because fashion is so unique. As unique as woman themselves. And that is a good thing.

Sigh women. SIGH. When will this get old? When will people realise that while you might not want to wear something yourself, that doesn’t make it off-limits for everyone? When will you realise that our differences make us interesting and beautiful in our own way? When will it be enough to be a support for each other rather than climb up by pulling each other down? I can’t believe I’m writing this post again. Maybe I need to have a flyer printed?

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