I spend a lot of time in work clothes. Even though I work part-time I work everyday, so it’s a new day, a new outfit. Some days I have a really corporate job, others not so much. It makes for an interesting challenge to wear something that interest me but fits the dress code {which, let’s face it I bend to the maximum more often than not}. This outfit keeps everyone happy with the monochrome look, fun modern patterns and classic lines. Work wear win.

Pattern clashing is something that never really made an appearance in my wardrobe prior to the Aussie Curves challenge. I remember being at Dani’s house and really pushing myself {being pushed? Yes?} to wear something that wasn’t just spots with stripes. I went all out and now I love a good pattern mash-up, the fact that I’m doing it at work says a lot about where I’m at with knowing what I like and my style. Challenging myself but ridiculously comfortable too. I’m loving the challenge. When was the last time you were fashion’ly challenged?

My day at works goes a little something like this. Park my car and walk the short distance to my office. Realise I’ve forgotten my phone and head back to the car. Repeat the trip back to the office, much closer to start time this time. Say hello to co-workers, turn on computer, dump bag and head to turn on the kettle and sneak outfit mirror photo. Attempt to grab photo without being busted while still looking like a normal person who just happens to pose for selfies everyone knows I do in the back of my office.

Make green tea {or coffee depending on number of hours sleep I’ve had} and return to main desk. Answer phones, book, build and proof advertising layouts while drinking my large green smoothie. Deflect conversations related to green smoothie most of which revolve around exorcist references. Continue in same vein as earlier until half way through my half day shift. Take a coffee break {usually more green tea or a coke zero} and post a photo of the outfit in a collage to keep from cropping my own head off. Respond to blog social media before returning to my desk.

By 1pm I’m finished, pack my desk before returning to my car fingers crossed that no one has pushed a trolley into it that day. Sigh or swear depending on the outcome of finger crossing. Go home. Eat lunch and resume work on the blog which is a whole other world of things to do, hours more work and waaaaay more fun! Remind me to show you my blogger work attire sometime… Oh wait! That’s everything else. DONE.

Necklace – Lovisa {2012}
Jacket – Virtu {2012}
Tank – Best & Less {2012}
Skirt – Kmart {2012}
Shoes – Target {gifted}



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