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There was a time when the very idea of getting out of bed in the morning to go to the gym or to exercise whatever the description would send me cowering under the covers. These days, not so much. I prefer mornings even if I am half asleep for a while. And I AM half asleep for a while. But I prefer them because it’s harder to skip them, makes me feels better all day and there is something about waking a little earlier than normal that makes you feel super productive.

So I put the call out for bloggers who had posted about exercising in the morning. There was a mixed bag of a response, for sure. Most just enjoyed working out. Some preferred to sleep in. Whatever works for you, right? So I thought, I’ll grab the links I was sent and hook you up with them. Some great reading for those wanting a bit of inspiration for getting back into it after Easter.

  • Carly >> Smaggle.com
  • Rhi >> Hummingbirds Song
  • Crystal >> Tales from the Fat Side
  • The Lorna Jane Blog

The biggest benefit for most morning exercisers seems to be that it’s done, that your energy is higher throughout the day and that you seem to be more aware of what you are eating and drinking throughout the day. All agree* that doing something is WAY better than nothing and that I should guilt you into getting up and getting out there now! Guilt, guilt, guilt. HA.

Would you agree with the benefits listed morning exercisers?

* No one actually agreed to that and you know I think guilt is a load of bull. So, you know, whatever. 

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