For over 3 months now the weekly Suger News has delivered shopping finds into your inbox. Things I like, clothes I’ve bought, items I have on my wish list. As an extension of that, I have decided to see how I got with a  Where I Buy series. I’m going to collect some finds in the same way I do for the newsletter and post them here. This week I am kicking it off with Peplum Tops. It’s a commonly asked question in my inbox and on the Facebook page. Which peplum tops do I recommend, where do I buy them. So let’s start there, shall we.

Where I Buy Peplum Tops.

ASOS Curve.

All the peplum tops I currently own originated from ASOS Curve. I find the structure and the shape of them great. It was ASOS Curve that started my love for all things peplum when I inherited Liv’s leopard print top. I wore it once and a crazy peplum lady was born. The only complaint If have is that the sizing can be a little all over the shop. I own three tops sizes UK20-24 and they all fit differently. So my advice is to hedge your bet, go with your average size and hope that even if it’s not perfect it’ll just be either a little bit or a little small. Both scenario’s are easily remedied.

Link Loving

1. Top Left – Borcade Print Peplum Top
2. Top Right – Stripe Peplum Top
3. Bottom Left – Spotted Peplum Top
4. Bottom Right – Grey Marle Peplum Top

City Chic.

I don’;t yet have one of these City Chic top’s in my possession but I have a pretty hefty layby tucked away with my name on it. Three of the four tops shown here are currently in that package. The fit of the City Chic tops is amazing, they have a little extra length and the peplum is structure without being stiff. I love that the new range has the floral print in it as well as offering so many colours and styles {with and without sleeves, cap and short sleeves}. I look forward to adding these beauties to my collection ready for when the cooler weather hits and the time comes to dress up my skinny and coloured jeans.

city chic plus size peplum top 002

Link Loving

1. Top Left – Lace Peplum Top
2. Top Right – Neon Peplum Top
3. Bottom Left – Floral Print Peplum Top
4. Bottom Right – Scoop Neck Peplum Top

And that’s about it. The hardest thing about this trend is while it’s everywhere, a lot of stores aren’t selling it. Torrid had a single peplum offering, Autograph had none. Keep your eyes peeled, if previous seasons have been anything to go by, Avella for BigW and Lily & Lou for Best & Less won’t be far behind with some peplum of their own. They have skater dresses and skirts in stock at the moment, my guess is they may have them in store by May?? We’ll see, shall we!

Next up in the Where I Buy series is Where I Buy Active Wear.  

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