I’ve been mulling this one about how to rein in the chaos in your life, around in my head for a while and it was time. My concern was that it would make those going through a tough time or struggling feel worse. Never my intention. So I’ve watched my wording and the rest is over to you. This is meant to be exciting, empowering and a take charge moment. If it’s not that for you, come back another time.

This is my how to get your life under control, rein in the chaos, when it seems to be anything but guide. Yes, you’ve made a mess, whoops, these things happen. Now all there is to do is clean it up. Starting at the bottom and working your way to the top. Taking back control when chaos reigns in your life is essential to restoring your peace of mind.

My work has a saying about messy desk, messy mind. In property management, while there’s some leeway to be taken, this is often the case. The same will go for you house, your car, your wardrobe and your tax returns {guilty!}. If you’re surrounded by mess, I’d almost bet my house you’re struggling with something.

how to rein in the chaos in your life today

Where do you start?

Start by taking a good hard look around at all things that you haven’t done lately. All those things that keep you up at night, you avoid during the day and seem to have been waiting for tomorrow since sometime last year. Get a notepad and start writing them down. One by one by one. You’re making a hit list.

There will be big things, small things, broken down tasks of big things, just keep writing them down. Forgot to do something you said you would and still haven’t broken the news to the other person, write that down. The kitchen’s a mess and you really want to clean the grout next time you clean it, write it down. Got a year of tax records to enter and another year looming, write it down! MELISSA.

By breaking it down to small, bit sized pieces it will seem more achievable. Even when there are pages and pages of things to do. It’s also an amazing way to stop all these things creating a chaos of lists and reminders and warnings in your head. Bit by bit as you draw them out, write them down, it will get quiet. That’s when you’ll know, for now, you’ve got them all.

Then it’s time to sort out some deadlines for yourself. They may be 12 months in advance or more. I know a lady who’s mortgage was hanging over her in a way that it doesn’t for most of us, she wanted it gone. SO it went on her hit list with a 10 year deadline. She’d broken it down into monthly tasks of competing her budget and adding left over funds to the mortgage BEFORE the other spending happened and she went for it. There is something really, really powerful about a plan with a deadline.

Chip away and start crossing things off. Some days I add little things for my day to the list just so I have something to cross off. Whatever it takes but don’t fool yourself, those things are on there because in some way they are important to you so important they were taking up valuable brain real estate. Don’t just let them slip through your fingers again.

Task by task the chaos will quiet. New things will be added and old things crossed off the list. It’ll be a little bit like doing the washing. It’s never ending but some days you’re a little more on top of things than you were the day before. This is really about giving you the space to enjoy a quiet mind, to be able to think clearly, to give you room to live! Nobody should like a chaos of their own making. Drama and panic and pushing the boundaries of deadlines will steal the joy from life. Don’t let it.

It works. I’m living proof of that.

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