Dearest Suger,

I find myself with a problem. a problem of disastrous egotistical proportions. You see at the end of June I am attending my first Blogging conference, in of all places Sydney. Now most people wouldn’t think of this as much of an issue. But for this self-conscious frumpy blogger from Townsville. Northern Queensland IT A HUGE Deal. I have nothing to wear. Shock Horror I know. But you see up here in my part of Queensland in the middle of winter it may get down to 15deg maybe slightly lower if we’re lucky in the wee hours of the AM. This here is my problems as you see, I am not prepared at all for real winter climate, let alone one of Sydney’s. That there is one of the problems, the other given that my winter wardrobe consist of 1 pair of jeans, a light weight hoodie, and a zip up sports jumper. So some how I really don’t think its the appropriate attire for a blogger attending her first ever conference. Meeting people for the first time.

So I am asking you for help, boy do I need it. I am not after anything fancy just off the runway. That’s not me, I need something comfortable, practical everyday that I can wear in the comfort of my hotel room in Sydney, but also something nice to the conference. Practically priced because for my self as a single parent, spending money on myself isn’t often an option. So please, style me Suger, guide me, to make the right choices, because honestly I have no idea where to even begin.

Forever frumpy

Soooo, I took a moment, considered my options and requested that the team at Mix send me through some photo from their new release catalogue. I had some ideas in mind when I finally hit the shops to touch and feel the items. You see Natalie is from Townsville in North Queensland. This is not a place where you get cold often. I wanted the pieces to work for her at the conference AND at home. I wanted something fun and funky to represent the young Mum she is. I wanted something that could be dressed up or dressed down. For work or for play. Something that says get stuffed Winter, I’ll wear colour if I want to.

This is what I came up with;

The jacket is something that Nat had admired online during a conversation we had and was on the sale rack for $19. The black knit ruffle cardigan was $24 and comes in a range of patterns and colours. I wanted simple and versatile. So I went black, of course! The dress, oh my, the dress. This cobalt blue sleeveless dress just called out my name. I worried I might have been shopping for me instead of Nat until I send her a sneaky pic and she LOVED IT. It sells for $29. The whole outfit for $72!

I asked Nat to pair the outfit with some tights {footless or sheer tights would have worked too} and some booties or mary janes. I imagine she could add a scarf if she was cold in Sydney and then wear them all separately at home in Townsville. That dress will serve her well for going out or the office. I know Nat’s happy with her stylish new threads.

What do you think?

Mix Apparel have gifted the jacket, dress and cardigan to Nat as part of this post series. For your chance to participate please read the details of what is required here. Emails for the July post will close the 25th June. 

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