With the ProBlogger event ON THE GOLD COAST coming up in just under two weeks, a lot of the ladies who read this blog that are going are asking what to WEAR! Eeeek. Usually, this event is in Melbourne and a little later in the year so I get a final little fling out of my winter wardrobe before finally tucking it away for the year. However, being in my sunny backyard this year we have to readjust our plans a little.

Sunny Queensland gives you the opportunity to splash out a little, add some colour and relax in a way you sort of can’t get away with in chic Melbourne. I know whenever I visit the Gold Coast I take the chance to pull out a fun outfit, let my hair go a little nuts in the breeze and add a bit of bling. That’s my plan anyway, business casual with a dash of fun. Heck, I may even get my iron-on transfers out again and make myself some fun t-shirts.

But now let’s get down to brass tacks…

There are two conference days to consider, as well as a networking evening. I’ll also be attending the Blog Chicks meet up on the Thursday night prior to the event. Check out the Facebook page for more information. That means I need two evening outfits and two or more day time outfits. I’ll probably need some more casual outfits for shopping and lazing about on the days following and for travel. Keep this in mind when packing.

For most people, their main concern is the training event days. What to wear so that they appear professional, represent their brand in the best light and still be comfortable enough balancing a notepad on their knees to learn something.

Styling You wrote this post about her choice of conference wear. This absolutely still applies, it’s a great outfit that never, ever goes out of style. With air-conditioned venues, there’s as much need for layers as there ever was. But since we are already having sunny and warm 29 degree days lately it might be time to lighten those layers up. Forget the knits and heavy blazers, try the kimono jacket or 3/4 length spring jackets.

Other conference wear suggestions along the business casual line are;

Add a Print

What to wear to the Problogger Event Gold Coast 2013 - prints

Nothing makes an outfit a little more fancy than a print. Printed pants, florals and this great shrug from 17 Sundays {as modelled by the fab Danimezza} are all great additions to a simple business casual look. A big trend for spring, prints are the perfect way to update your look. A scarf or a jacket is a great way to add this look to your existing wardrobe. It’ll give it a little extra oomph. You just can’t go wrong with a fab print, simple lines and classic layers.

Image Source Danimezza / Girl with Curves / Gabifresh

A Stylish Spring Dress

A simple, beautiful dress will take you through a conference day with ease. Keep it simple with a matching belt and shoe combo like the new release from Nordstroms or layer it up with tights, a jacket and some funky accessories. Simple and always stylish, a great spring dress is an easy and stylish option. I’ve been going through my wardrobe to locate at least one great dress to take along with me. And it really makes sense if you have limited baggage space too.

Image source Danimezza / Nicolette Mason / Nordstroms

A Great Skirt Combination

Easily able to be dressed up or down a skirt, like those shown above, makes a great starting point for a great outfit. Whether it’s a full skater or a pencil skirt it makes for an easy conference-style because of the range of styles available, ease of wear and options for levels of dress available. Take a leaf from the ladies and layer on great accessories for day and pare them back for simple glamour at the evening event.

Image Source Unknown / Danimezza / Danimezza

Classic, Polished Casual

What to wear to the Problogger Event Gold Coast 2013 - pants

I know, some of you are probably freaking out that I included Bermuda shorts, but stop. I promise all will be okay. The tip here is to choose casual pants, jeans or shorts that are well fitted and in darker shades. Keep the look polished by combining with a button-up shirt or a scarf and add a heel or wedge. All of these styles would be a modern take on classic business casual style giving you a great opportunity to inject a little of your personality into your look.

Image Source Unknown / Girl with Curves / MYER

Any of these outfits will be fine, in fact pretty much anything you’d like to wear would be fine. Everyone interprets conference dressing differently. For example, for some people, the idea of wearing shorts would be an absolute no. But add some great wedges, a layer or two {probably not the hat, but whatever you decide, haha} and it’s a really casual, cool but put-together look. I have a few tips for making sure that you are comfortable and ready to go!

My top tips are;

  • Be comfortable, don’t wear anything that you won’t be okay to sit and/or stand around in for long periods of time. This goes from top to toe, consider those shoes, ladies.
  • Wear layers so you can self regulate the temperature in the different rooms. I always pack a wrap of some description in my bag just in case. Air-con is one of those weird and wonderful things when it comes to rooms full of people.
  • Show off YOUR style. There are a lot of looks out there that may not work for you, nor suit you. Forget them!
  • And on that note, don’t try too hard, it’ll make you awkward. Or maybe that could just be me but when I try to hard to dress the part, fit a certain look or style I always, always end up feeling weird. Like I stick out like a sore thumb. So my best tip is to be yourself.

For the Friday night networking event, I’ve found in previous years that participants wear anything from their clothes for the day to specifically chosen and styled evening outfits. Again, you’ll be perfectly dressed in a number of levels of traditional dress codes. I plan on wearing a lightweight, approximately knee-length dress, some reasonable heels and something to give a nod to the theme… Probably bronzer related. Haha. I plan to be comfortable but dressed for a great evening hanging out with my favourite type of people. BLOGGERS.

For the evening event keep in mind;

  • There’s a theme! A little one, but it’s a theme nonetheless. I vote for floral crowns, floral leis and parrots on your shoulder. I think you’ll find varying levels of participation on this too. So pick a level you’re comfortable with and go with that.
  • Some venues have dress codes, there isn’t one listed on this event but the request is dressy so have a shower if you can.
  • It could get cool after a warm day, be prepared for that with a wrap, light cardigan or similar.

And that’s about everything I think you’ll need to know to get you packed, to the Gold Coast and ready to learn all sorts of bloggy goodness to make your blog your business. I think! Let me know if you have any questions or concerns and I’ll get them answered for you. I’ve been to a number of blog conferences, and this is my second ProBlogger event so I’m like, an expert. Hit me!

Are you going? Make sure you let me know so I can pop over and visit your blog before we meet.Β 

{I called this one the ladies edition so that the men attending were under no illusions that I have style advice to offer them. But I totally can put something together if there are guys out there that are interested. My brother works in finance and they do conferences ALL the time. I’ll make him guest post for me. So be sure to let me know or email me if you’d like to see a boy version!}

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