One of my favourite pastimes is checking out the weird search terms that has people land on my blog. Sure, some are useful, normal type ones {Suger, Salad Dressing, Thai Curry} but some just leave me shaking my head. Or worse, feeling a little sick in the stomach. Eeeek. Some beauties that have crossed my screen include;

  • nude pics melissa
  • is acid washing a car bad for it
  • wife playing with husbads winky
  • will the couch to 5km give me thinner/fitter/more toned/slimmer legs
  • toned runners legs
  • plus size ladies who love stuff
  • nerd glasses with blue eyes

Do you know how to check this stuff out? It’s in wherever you monitor you stats; Blogger stats, WP stats, Google Analytics. But here’s a quick how to guide to make them easy to find.


  1. Go to Stats using the drop down list next to your blogs name
  2. When the page loads select traffic sources from the menu {under stats}
  3. Scroll down the page, under the referring sites etc and there it is. Search Keyword.

WordPress Stats {I use the Jetpack Plugin};

  1. Go to your stats page
  2. Look for Search Engine Terms
  3. The top few selections will be there, click on summaries to see them all.

Google Analytics;

  1. Log into your Analytics account
  2. Go to the standard reporting section {yours may appear, because I have a few sites linked, I have to click into the blog to get here}
  3. Go to Traffic Source
  4. Keyword should appear below the graph, if it doesn’t click on the word {left of the main content screen but not on the menu} to select it
  5. You can see View Full Report to see them ALL {that’s where the gold is}

So there you go. If you have a stats program in place you know what words people are searching to get to you. Any other questions, just leave them below. Ill do a follow up post if needed. but now the fun bit!

Go, check out your keywords and come back here and share the funniest, strangest or most puzzling one you found.

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