I have learned much about patience and waiting for my turn in the past few years. Patience and waiting my turn were something I never really got a handle on being the forceful, wilful child I was. Life unfolded as I told it to. No, if, buts or maybes. Those who read the posts about our struggles to conceive know well that the humour wasn’t lost on me. The woman used to getting what she wants doesn’t. Har-de-har-ha.

What do you do when you are waiting for your turn in life? It doesn’t matter if you want that promotion, a child or four, a husband, or you have big plans for winning the lotto; they all have a few things in common regarding waiting. Items can be done to ensure that you are not only waiting but waiting somewhat cheerfully while still living your life. Are you ready for THAT?


When waiting, don’t stop having fun.

Over the past five or so years, I have decided that I will pull all the stops to make this whole have a kid thing happy. I got determined. Focused. Obsessed? Mostly, I got annoyed. Sure, you’re waiting (and waiting sucks), but that doesn’t mean your LIFE has to suck. Promise. It would help if you lived a little, a lot even. Take some time to enjoy the things you have in your life; forget for a moment that a piece of your puzzle is missing. Dance like no one is watching. Do it today.


When waiting, prepare yourself for when your moment arrives!

With all this fun having and such, it is still essential to plod along making plans for when your moment in the sun FINALLY arrives. Clean out the spare bedroom in your house, refresh that internet dating profile and buy that lotto ticket. As the old saying goes, God helps those who help themselves, so on with that, okay? Prepare your life for the moment when the thing you have been longing for arrives. Worst case scenario, you’ve kept yourself busy in the meantime.


When waiting, remind yourself you are not a bad person being punished.

Now I know it’s easy enough to throw yourself on the floor, wailing that you are being punished for all the horrible things you did {just me? Awkward} but it’s just not true. You are not being punished, no one is out to get you, and while it pays to be a good person, kind and generous and all that, I don’t think there’s an official tally anywhere that results in you not getting what you want. Forget all about that and move on now. Sure the self-pity moment was fun, but it’s over now. I am moving on.

This brings us to…


When waiting, keep your sense of humour intact.

When you first realise that life hasn’t gone your way and you are, GASP, being made wait, it is pretty easy to get the sulks on. More than the sulks, you might find, you are angry, upset, annoyed, frustrated and good old pissed off. Well, awesome, I’m sorry to hear that. Do you know what is hilarious, funnier the more you think about it? You never, ever, ever had control before, anyway. Yes, most of us thought we did, but we didn’t. And you can’t force everything, so calm down, laugh at yourself and remember that life is nuts.


And finally, when waiting, try to stop waiting.

That makes sense, right? Perfect sense. When you are waiting for your turn, and it feels like all things may end if it doesn’t come soon, it is time to stop and find a new course of action. It could be to step back, take a breather and reassess. It could be time to dive back in boots and all to take charge. When you’ve been waiting, and it’s been a while, and life is no longer fun or funny, then it’s time to stop waiting. Try plan b.


Eeek. That was a rough one. The last ones on lists always are the kicker. The kick-in teeth type ones. Are you recovered? Let’s move on. 



That my friends are my how-to guide for waiting for your turn in life, tried and tested by yours truly, a “bad at waiting for anything would much rather drive-thru, so I don’t have to wait even though it tastes bad” type of lady. Waiting is tricky, it can be hard work, and everyone knows how you should do it. Most of all, take the time to work out what is important to you, what are the things you’re grateful for now, and who are the people you love that love you back. Celebrate and enjoy those things.

I hate to say it, but you may never get what you want. Really. I know it. You must, too, in your guts. And I don’t know about you, but I don’t want to look back at the end and wish I’d lived more. So, on with it, folks. Onwards and upwards. To infinity and beyond and all that. The sun is {probably} shining, and there are things to do. See you out there living life; that’s where I plan to be.

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