There are some emails a blogger of random things doesn’t expect to get, and the hey you’re in the Top 50 Kidspot Bloggers, is one of them. I was a wee bit excited to hear about the panel of judges and the word on the street was the prizes were AMAZING. Flash forward to this week and I was lucky enough to attend the party.


I panicked a little. Mine is a blog filled with ramblings and much love. But there are some BIG GUNS on this list. The biggest of big guns. And the ones that weren’t on the list were coming to the party anyway {Kidspot people}. Holy bloggers Batman. The time frame was so tight and the week was so busy. Soon it was the night before and I was madly tearing apart my wardrobe attempting to find something to wear. At the last minute I sent a message to my cousin, straighten my hair tomorrow, pleeeeeeease, I begged.

Well, that would at least take care of that, Chantelle had said their would be video. Eeeek, video. At least my hair would be nice. Turns out, NOPE. My hair hit the humidity and poof. I had 10 minutes to get changed and back into the lobby to catch the cab to the party. I’m not sure if you have ever been in a room with Katrina from the Block, Smaggle and Crash Test Mummy looking fab and you, looking passable at best? No, well it’s not that cool.

However, things took a turn for the awesome when our cab driver almost, but DIDN’T, kill two pedestrians at the one crossing. Thank goodness for small graces and tiny little running ladies who are light on their feet. With, it turns out, the language of a sailor if required. We arrived at the party, little band of freaked out travellers, walked through the door and all was right in the world.

I looked around and I immediately began recognising faces, name by name, face by face… There they were. In person. Just the way I like my bloggers. So I grabbed my badge and waded into the crowd meeting blogger by blogger. It’s a little intimidating to be around SO many fabulous bloggers but, heck I have no real shame so I was in my element. I smiled. This is heaven. Blogger heaven.

More on the trip and all that happened in Part 2.

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