It gets bandied around a lot. The REAL women term. Now that’s a real woman! Real women have curves. Real women are this and that and whatever. And it irks me. I know that it gets used with the best of intentions. To normalise figures of all shapes and sizes. But it annoys me when people say curves/butt/boobs = a real woman and the rest are somehow inferior.

Now I have curves. I have boobs. I barely have a butt. Am I two thirds woman? I don’t have children, do I deduct a point or forty perhaps? Got married. Add or subtract a point? Business owner; Plus or minus…? I have big feet, does that make me a man? {yes, probably, but THAT’s a whole different post!}

Think about it.

The real women phrase {is it a phrase or a saying or what?} gets used a lot in relation to plus sized models. The plus sized consumer in general really. But even if you are using it to bolster someone. To compliment, I often wonder what the heck the skinny girls think. Are they peeved off?

Some of my dearest {and weirdest, but you know, each to their own} friends are tiny little things. Naturally too. Let’s call them the sample skinny girls group. Some have boobs, some don’t, really. Some tall, some short. Some rail thin and some with curves. Do THEY deserve to be reduced as women because they aren’t plus size. Or should we score them like I scored myself above? We could be here all night.

My Mother always said, you can’t bring yourself up by bringing someone else down. You will all just end up on the floor.So, REAL WOMEN, it’s time to get off the floor. Tall short, skinny, flat, curvy or athletic and everything in between. I say we ditch the ‘Real Women’ bull all together.

The only classifier we really have, is that real women have vaginas. And even that is negotiable.

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