Well here I am. It’s Wednesday. I made it. It was a big weekend and I couldn’t be happier with how the workshop turned out. You know how when you run an event or even a party there is usually at least a few things that just don’t go to plan. And if you’ve ever run an event with guest speakers you would know that they RARELY go to plan.

Well, I’m proud to say that we not only stuck too but blitzed our jam-packed schedule. We delivered 8 informative and inspiring sessions and lunch to 30+ participants in just over 6 hours. Like I said last week, it was going to be a mammoth effort to keep that on track and get it all finished in time for me to head to Mary Poppins at QPAC that night {more about THAT later, probably}. And it was. But it was SO worth it.

I plan to turn my talk into a couple of blog posts based around my relationships with brands {and developing your own}, how to work out why your blogging and finding your niche to expand your blog. All of which I love to talk about, ask questions about and write about. None of which I would call myself a professional at. Just an avid learner and experiencer of things. I hope you enjoy them as they go live.

And now some thank you’s…

Our speakers - {Back} Me, Sass, Stacey, Maddie, Kelly & Jacquie {front} Danielle, Zoe and Danielle.

To our speakers I am so proud of all of you. That sounds strange, I know. Like an emotion saved for grandmothers or something. But it’s the word that jumps to mind. The care and attention you paid to your topics was obvious. The feedback I have  received was that there was something to take away from every topic and people were blown away by the quality of talent living in our neck of the woods. You were a breeze to work with and I’d have you all back any time. So THANKS GUYS.

What a good looking bunch!!

To those who attended and assisted us on the day. I hope you got something of value. I hope there was more than enough content, food and air conditioning to make the day worth $70 at least a few times over. You guys were great. But then, I expected nothing less of the fabulous Brisbane crew. And did you know, that during Sunday we trended in Queensland on Twitter. I didn’t have a chance to check Australia, but we must have been close. Thanks for your participation, thanks for your support. And a BIG fat thank you for coming. Because as I said, us sitting there talking to ourselves wouldn’t have been anywhere near as much fun!


Team Hello Blogger Events - Danielle & I.

To Danielle, I’ve said it once, I’ve said it a million times. You’re a great partner to have and I look forward to many, many more successful events with you by my side. Thanks for trusting me and for the free rein in so many areas. You’re the best. I don’t even mind right this second that I’m standing and your short ass is on a bar stool in this cute as heck photo of us {is it just me or do we both look a little exhausted?}.

This women, Gillian from Tessie Design Company REALLY went above and beyond. Thank you Gil, SO appreciated.

For more go to the Hello Blogger Events flickr page. A big thank you to our official photographer Oana from TRX Photography. not only was she a fabulous photographer, capturing SO many moment from the day, but she was a BIG help as well. I really hope everyone in attendance will add their post link to the linky below. It’s a blog hop, so if you enter it here, it will be listed on all of them. All of them, you ask? Well you can copy the code into your post if you like. Spread the workshop love.

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