It happened Thursday night around 10 pm. I was happily commenting away, and all of a sudden, my newly linked Google+ Blogger profile said it was no longer active. I was redirected to the dashboard, where, holy moly, my blogs were GONE. Within seconds I was automatically logged out.

When I was asked to sign in, I was redirected to a page that said your account has been disabled for perceived terms of service violation. Please read them and if you think this has been a mistake, complete this form. I was starting to freak out a little and clicking to separate tabs to check my blogs, email or web images.


Nothing. So, I filled out the forms.


Twitter told me it had happened to many before me. Most recently, Trish from My Little Drummer Boys. Most notably, the time Darren Rowse was booted from YouTube. I’d heard about it at blogger’s conferences but assumed that sort of thing happened to OTHER people. I was assured most had theirs back within 2 -3 hours. Darren’s account took almost two days. I settled in to wait.

After numerous submissions, tweets and wall posts to Google, no response. I was gutted. You know that moment when you realise that the one you love doesn’t care about you in the same way. I saw my blog and my business {I have four google apps accounts for business etc. – 2 of them paid subscriptions} was worth very little to them.


I was a terms violater; apparently, I have no rights.


By late yesterday afternoon, having spent TOO much time in the Google Help Forums looking for answers and getting none, I cracked a little. What the heck Google. How is it that when there were NUMEROUS blogger blogs features ads and my content {yes including photos and at that time personal accounts of our TTC journey} that I reported, there was nothing done. No shutdown. Nothing. I’m pretty sure at least one of them survives to this day.

Then, I got upset. I was angry. I sooked, and ranted, and attempted not to scrawl up yours across the various social media sites I use. Though, I did put it on some. Well, more than some, a fair few. And finally, I made a decision I never thought I would make for this blog. I’m going to WordPress. I logged into GoDaddy where my domain is registered and signed up for a hosting account. It whizzed me through that portion of the process, and I was done.

I emailed GoDaddy with a question and had an answer within 20 minutes. Take that Google. That’ how it is done. Not some shoddy forum that it takes you 45 minutes to find the right category and it error’s out three times when getting to the submit portion {yes, that happened too}. Even though the learning curve has been steep, I’ll persevere. I have a nice ball of pissed off to keep me going.


Rant over.


You might have noticed I am currently back at sugercoatit.blogspot.com and this will probably be the last post of any sort of substance here. As soon as possible, I am going to go live with the new WordPress blog. Don’t worry; you’ll still be able to follow the feed though you might need to update it. There will always be Facebook, Twitter and email available. I will probably not install the Google Connect widget as it is going in March for WordPress blogs anyway. Don’t worry, you’ll find me. I hope.


Blogger, I loved you. But I won’t be treated like this, by anyone. Or by ANYTHING.

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