My Parentals – Amamoor Park – May Day Weekend
Yes, the eldest does get to ride up front. Always. No exceptions. 
You can plan activities but sometimes no one wants to do them. Get over it. You know that whole lead a horse to water but can’t make it drink thing… Yeah, well families are the same. You can set up the Monopoly board but they might not play…
People who know your Mother will always say you look like your Mother. While people that know your Father, will always say you look like your Father. This can be confusing.
Chances are if one of your siblings tells you that you are adopted, you probably weren’t. But you might as well ask someone who would really know.
You think your parents have a favourite, they probably do. You have a favourite parent, don’t you? It doesn’t mean they love you any less. Be grateful, the favourites get a heck of a lot more phone calls.
Be nice to each other. Just because you know EXACTLY which button to push, doesn’t mean you should.
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