Business cards and media packs are great but if you can’t back them up with good blog, there is no point. In fact too soon and there is no point either.

Blog about what you know, how you know to do it and when it suits you to do so. Anything else is someone else’s blog. Leave that to them.

Make your blog easy to read. I like simple, easy on the eye stuff. Too complex in content or design and internet users just won’t bother. Harsh but true.

If blogging isn’t fun or at least entertaining. And it isn’t your job, why are you doing it!? Stop now. Go and read a book or something. Why do ANYTHING you don’t enjoy.

Nobody in real life will REALLY ever get what the hell a blog is. Unless they have one. Not really. But they will nod and smile and shoot you envious glances when you receive stuff in the mail.

The post you didn’t want to publish will always be the most popular. The raw and honest ones especially. Don’t be afraid to tell us how it REALLY is for you. 

Be grateful. If it is one follower or 1,000 be grateful that people take the time to visit, read and often share in your life. I imagine, sometimes, how exciting it will be to tell this community that I am pregnant, you know, when that time comes. I imagine the celebration and excitement shared. And even the thought of that, the idea, makes me love this community even more. So be grateful, the readers of your blog will become like an extended, extended family. Promise.

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