It occurred to me that with a new year, there are a lot of you out there asking questions and interested in living sugar-free. Fructose free technically, I guess. Or just greatly reducing the amount of sugar you consume. I often receive a tweet or email from someone who has been pointed this direction by a friend who reads this blog. I appreciate that folks, keep them coming. Your friends are my friends, I promise to treat them well. There are questions about the initial quit stage mostly. But there is plenty about my experience with quitting in the Sugar Free Suger archives. What there is not a lot about {except complaining when I slipped off the wagon} is life after detox.

So let’s talk about that, babe-ee.

I gave up sugar in September 2010. Since then I’ve had peaks and troughs with my intake but all in all I would call myself sugar-free. So what does that look like? Well these days I am focused on clean, whole eating. The less processing and mucking around with my food the better. Going sugar-free kicked off that process in earnest. When you first give up sugar you read a lot of labels. Lots and lots of labels. It turns out that your food isn’t always what you think it is when it comes down to it. I am a stickler for this now.

Life after detox means that the fruit has returned, a little and so has the occasional special occasion treat. An ice-cream cone with my family, a shared piece of cake with my hubby. It rounds itself out a little. I would absolutely be well within the recommended daily intake for sugar and I’m happy with that. That was my goal. To kick the habit, break the addiction and get on with life. All in all I’d say it’s pretty easy. Way easier than those first few weeks. The questions are gone about WHY. The people who rolled their eyes have now seen it on A Current Affair and just seem so much cooler about it. I don’t even have to lie any more to get what I ordered.

I find it much easier to do it now. My environment is conditioned to me being sugar-free. My office still has cakes and biscuits, but no one even really asks if I want one. New people are told that I don’t eat sugar and to leave me alone. My boss proudly tells them how he didn’t believe me when I first started, not really, but that it’s true. A SUGAR FREE LADY. Woooah. Bless. My family doesn’t bother, never really have. And well, we all know I don’t really have any friends, so they’re fine too. Haha. My house is a fortress keeping deadly granules out and I don’t find that difficult or restrictive at all. These days, if I want it, I have it. But I never want much.

If you want too much, it’s time to go back to the start again. Starting again is never as hard as the first time. You’re more prepared, so is your body, your environment and all that. So if it doesn’t work out, who cares, try again tomorrow. Next week. Whenever. Just try again. The clear head, restful nights and the feeling awesome are your rewards. Keep them in mind. The not cranky, coming down version of you. They are in there somewhere. Life looks different when you are not rushing from one sugar high to the next, no matter how little you think you are effected.

So do I recommend you quit sugar? Heck yes. Do recommend Sarah Wilson’s eBooks to help you? YES. {I’m an affiliate so I get about $6 per book of the proceeds of sales if you use my link}. Do I think that anyone can do it? I do, I really do. Even those ladies sitting down to a block of chocolate a night. Even those with health concerns, talk to your doctor, show them the quit plan, I bet they get on board {even if there is a modification or two}. My body is fitter, stronger and well’er than it has been my entire adult life, and that all started by quitting sugar.

The end.

But first, tell me, why are YOU reading this? Interested? Sugar free? Or got nothing better to do right now? {haha}

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