Well this post has been a little while coming. I’ve been looking for a suitable pair of boyfriend jeans for a while now. A month or so ago ASOS went nuts and was all of a sudden covered in them. Then I had to choose whether I wanted ripped ones, dark ones or lighter washed looking ones. Tough call. I ended up choosing the new indigo wash cuffed ones.

It’s nice to have some relaxed fit jeans, even though my heart will always belong to the skinnies, I like it. I can’t wait to cuff them up even further and show off a peek of ankle with some pointy flats. Hubby said they sort of reminded him of the whole baggy jeans thing from when we were kids. Maybe he’s right. Maybe I’ve been harbouring a desire to be Lauryn Hill in Sister Act 2 all this time! Picture that final concert hall scene. I never did have the midriff for that orange top though…

Ahh who am I kidding, as a teenager I wouldn’t have known it if it I did!

For their first outing I paired the jeans with a new jumper and necklace that cost me $35 total from Mix Apparel and boots I picked up second-hand. The boots are virtually brand new and a sort of weird fit, long and narrow. But I’m dedicated to making them work because they’re just so beautiful. Thin socks are the order of the day and thanks to the supple suede, I’m sure they’ll give. I’ll keep you posted.

plus size asos boyfriend jeans blog-4

plus size asos boyfriend jeans blog-3

plus size asos boyfriend jeans blog-3-2

plus size asos boyfriend jeans blog-5

plus size asos boyfriend jeans blog-6

Jumper – Mix Apparel
Necklace – Mix Apparel
Boyfriend Jeans – ASOS Curve
Boots – Tess by Barefoot Tess

plus size asos boyfriend jeans blog-4-2

What’s your favourite style of jeans?


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