Well we ALL know that the women of Aussie Curves have STYLE right!? Lots of it. The outfit challenge is in its second year and more and more continue to find it. Want to know more? Check out my archives or pop over and join the Facebook community. Though be prepared to behave yourself I’m one of the admins and I’m ruthless. Ha.

As I mentioned last week I decided not to feature Australian bloggers within the Steal Her Style posts because I didn’t want any of the girls {ladies, pains in my butt} to feel left out, excluded or not good enough. SO instead a week or two ago I decided to do an Aussie Curves feature from the pinned images and to show off what our Aussie {& New Zealand too!} girls are rocking.

Aussie Curves was founded by Danielle of www.danimezza.com and that’s her head in the post image. Yup blonde. And yup, gorgeous, right!? She founded the outfit challenge as a place to gather Australian and New Zealand plus size women to talk clothes, swap hints and tips and generally be inspired to challenge ourselves through the expression that is FASHION. Woot.

For the Aussie Curves ladies, if you aren’t here, I’m sorry! I had issues with some photo sizes and quality etc. You’re all wonderful. I really didn’t want to miss anyone. Sigh. In a perfect world and all that. I hope that those reading at home will visit my Aussie Curves archives and do a bit of clicking around to check you all out. If it was me, that’s what I’d do. Hint hint. But now, let’s get this party started.


You know how they say that Australian and New Zealand girls just have this thing about them? It’s the mish mash of cultures, random laid back upbringings, all of that and more that make us an interesting bunch indeed. The diversity of styles is something to behold. IF you don’t find anything here check for your pulse because these ladies bring it week after week.

Aussie Curves Collage 02

Find the pinned images and the corresponding blogs for Aussie Curves year one here and year two here.


This week I’m doing everything a little differently and I’m going to share a few of my favourite Australian brands and shopping destinations. Some have gifted me product along the way, some have placed ads but if you don’t believe I have included them because they are awesome first and foremost then you need to shuffle yourself off somewhere else because you don’t know me that well. Or, you know, stay around and get to know me. What-ever. Haha.

Australian Clothes Suppliers Collage{left to right – Harlow, Embody Denim, 17 Sundays}

17 Sundays
Harlow Australia
Hope & Harvest
Lala Belle
The Iconic Curvy
Embody Denim

Post two featuring more of the Aussie Curves ladies will be live on the blog next week. I just couldn’t narrow them down to just one collage. What can I say, I’m a fan. So I hope you enjoy the looks and if you haven’t got on board and you’re a plus size gal in AU or NZ that you’ll hop on board. Life’s too short not to have some fun with the clothes you’re wearing. Especially with the support of these ladies.

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