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Firstly there’s a sale! SAAAAAAAALLLLEEEE on at Target at the moment so you should finish reading this post, leave me a lovely comment about how much you enjoyed and then dash on over there! I picked up numerous items the other day, including two pairs of shoes for under $150! Stocktake sales, how I love thee. Now, on with the show..!

My plan this month was to get back on the multi-style a single item train. Not only is a challenge for me to shop for, but it sends a Budget Fashionista style message that not every outfit needs all new items. This month two key pieces travel through both looks and all elements, but the skirt and accessories are from Target. These pieces can usually be found in your existing wardrobe or updated easily without costing a fortune.


The knit is from the maternity range, and I’m wearing the size 20. It’s got a decent amount of stretch in it, and it fits beautifully. There aren’t any signs that it’s a maternity top and that’s all the excuse I need. It’s ridiculous to not wear something because of what the tag says. Whether it’s a size thing, a brand thing or a section, do what you want, especially if it fits you like a glove.

As I mentioned a while ago, this is not my usual choice of a colour scheme. Sure I love black, who doesn’t. But khaki is usually a colour I avoid. This top, however, was hard to ignore thanks to the gold panel. Metallics never seem to go out of style, and this makes the top modern and on-trend.

Then there are boots. These boots are somewhere on the colour spectrum between navy and black. They have a black heel etc. so they work with both, but as you can see, next to the black pants they’re almost navy. But since the top has black AND navy in it, I took some liberties and wore them anyway.

The boots have a nice wide ankle section and a zip at the rear, making them easy to get in and out of. The zip just makes me the happiest kid in the world; I hate attempting to shove my rather large feet into boots without zips; it does my head in. Whhhyyyy no zip? WHY? Anywaaaaaay, I’m wearing an 11, which is the largest size. They aren’t overly broad, but they fit my foot comfortably, so they must be a decent width.

Now to the two looks then I share my top five tips for staying on trend on a budget.

The first look is a casual looking perfect for just about anything. It’s warm enough {with the layers} to take you from an early morning start with a jacket but peel a layer or two off and you’re okay when the sun is high in the sky. Choose well with comfortable pants, and you’ll have no problems no matter where the day takes you.

Take a look in the wardrobe for jeans and a simple singlet {Target has both on offer at really affordable prices if you need a update}. Layer over a knit top or light jumper. From there add boots for warmth, a scarf and a bigger jacket if it’s cold and you’re done. The layers are the key here, keep them well fitted and avoid looking bulked up.

Other looks that work for this casual look are maxi skirts {I wear stockings or leggings under when it gets cold} and maxi dresses. A great way to extend the life of both items and the boots look cute as heck poking out the bottom of a long skirt. Everyone loves an excellent swishy skirt that you can bundle yourself in. I know I do!

This second outfit is a little more flirty and fun. This is my hitting the town outfit. There’s something about a flippy skirt that just screams fun. AND the best news is that for most of us there will be a simple black skirt and a pair of opaque tights in your winter wardrobe. Add a black coat or classic trench in the colder weather, and you’re set.

By adding gold accessories, I played up the metallic side of this outfit. It doesn’t take much to elevate it from a daytime combination on into the night. I added a black suede look clutch, but you could easily add one with gold or other metallic tones. The same goes for the boots, switching them out for wedges or heels would make it that little bit more special.

It just has that dance the night away feel to it, don’t you think? Girls night, anyone?

Tips for stretching your wardrobe:

  • Buy a knit with versatile colours. The more colours, the easier to work with what you have, patterns are great for this idea because they incorporate lots of colours in the one item.
  • Add layers for warmth by incorporating your summer pieces as additional layers. For example a maxi dress with tights worn under, a skirt with stockings or a long sleeve top under a sleeveless dress.
  • Choose a base colour for the season. Some years it might be black, other years navy or tan. Choose a base colour and work around that so that everything can be mixed and matched. It’s like putting together a capsule wardrobe when travelling, items working together are vital if you don’t have a lot to spend.
  • Use stores like Target to add seasonal items to your existing wardrobe. By updating with trend pieces like a clutch purse, a pair of boots or a pair of leggings you’ll find what’s old is new again and your existing wardrobe won’t feel so outdated. Hot tip: this winter think studs, metallics, leather look and dark florals.
  • I’ve said it before, and I’ll say it every time, get into your wardrobe and work out what you already have. Most of it will be reuseable this year, and it will better equip you for adding items, so you don’t end up buying for the sake of it. Some looks that never go out year after year for winter are chunky knits, well-fitting jeans, ankle boots, jewel tones, greys and mustard yellow.


I’m sorry to say that I looked around for all the items featured in this post online and could find them! Darn it. So instead I’ve linked to the sections or the same thing in a different colour where available. Don’t forget to shop your wardrobe and take advantage of the sales on at the moment to get bang for your buck. I’d start with these boots personally. $30 score!

Happy shopping and winter wardrobe’ing!


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