In sharing my favourite casual outfit of the moment, I have to share another thing… My favourite thing to do at the moment is slouch. Slouchy clothes, slouchy attitude, slouchy all the things. It’s that I’ve had all sorts of free time over the past week or two and I when I’m not busy I like to slouch. I’m sure I’m not the only one? I meant the ’90s happened, didn’t they?

So there’s this line that I have between untidy and slouchy. It’s hard to explain other than my outfits have to look deliberate. Slouchy easy layers are one thing, looking like I wore my pyjamas out in public is another thing altogether. Consideration is key. Sometimes, like these leather-look pants, it’s the texture that matters. Sometimes it’s a half-tuck instead of untucked or my hair being done instead of not. It’s the little things that pull it together.

When you go for casual cool, it’s a fine line. Sometimes you just look casual. That’s what I’m saying. This afternoon was borderline; this afternoon Hubby and I were driving around, having a chat and trying to decide what to grab for dinner before going home. Heck, for this adventure I could have worn my pyjamas if I wanted to. Sneakers, worn-in chambray, a classic white tee and the slouchy softness of the jogger pants are a great, easy to wear combination. Or I think so anyway. That’s why it’s my favourite casual outfit. Who knows what next week will look like though. Haha.

casual chambray + leather joggers plus size outfit-11 casual chambray + leather joggers plus size outfit-13 casual chambray + leather joggers plus size outfit-15 casual chambray + leather joggers plus size outfit-10

Wearing basic tee {ASOS Curve}, chambray shirt {17 Sundays – old stock, more to come}, leather look joggers {17 Sundays – gifted 22} and sneakers {Adidas}. 

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