I was sitting behind my laptop buying some things, paying some bills and dreaming. Not of a simple life or even simplifying my life. I was dreaming about having the means to be able to buy anything I wanted. Certainly, those boots I was talking about in this post were on the list. I imagined what it would feel like to have no limits when it came to having the ‘things’ you wanted. Ponder that for yourself for a bit, I’ll wait. IT’s a fine old fantasy, right? Delicious.

For most of us buying and having things costs us our time and energy in the form of a job or two. Some find a way to generate income free from work, some win it and other inherit it. It made me wonder though what it is that I needed that would have me work longer, harder, more. Is there any one thing that would make me work longer hours, for more money, than I do?

And I vote no.


No way.

No thanks.


A lot of people wonder about us, how we can afford for me to work part-time and blog. How Hubby was able to start a new business after working full full-time hours before that. But mostly they wonder why we don’t want MORE stuff. Bigger better cars, fancier things, maybe a new couch for example. I DO want that. I want that so bad. But I’m getting distracted.

You see we chose life and our lifestyle over having more things, more money and more stress. In a lot of ways, we downsized our life. We cut the fat and made it possible by tightening our belts for a little while to enjoy the freedoms we do now. We simplified our lives. It took us about 12-18 months on two good incomes to get in the position we were in when we took the leap.

But let me help you out and give you a few tips that you can start doing today whether you plan to simplify your life, cut the fat and get on with living sometime soon. Especially if you gave wistfully off into the distance imagining Friday every Monday morning. Start now, take the leap later. Start moving into position like a chess piece. Are you ready? Let’s talk about that.


To simplify our lives and cut the fat we;


  • Reduced our expenses by paying down debt especially credit card debt. I wrote a post once about credit cards and how we went about paying ours off. Maybe read that for more tips.
  • We cut all unnecessary bills like phone add ons we never used or additional television channels. We cancelled magazine subscriptions {hello internet} and made sure we had the best deals possible on the things we needed to have like insurances and phones etc.
  • We saved for a rainy day and maintain that account when that rainy day comes. There’s always another rainy day, am I right? We let nothing get in our way and by we I mean Hubby, he’s the super saver. Me? Not so much.
  • We stopped buying things we didn’t need. That includes food {who else wastes a lot of food throwing it out at the end of the week?}, clothes and all sorts of gadgets and things. You will be surprised how much you MAY be spending on all these extras that are forgotten shortly after. Cut the waste people.
  • Tracked our spending for a month or two and REALLY learn where you are spending your money and how much of the money you are spending is pointless consuming. Start to cut the fat here by either limiting mindless spending or setting limits to ‘spending’ money.
  • And finally, we got really clear on how much we would need at a minimum to live our lives comfortably but having the lifestyle we enjoy. This allowed us a target for our business, for my part-time income and consulting. Once we hit that we knew we were doing it and let go of the reins.


And well would you look at that! This whole post started out as pondering of the things I’d love to buy, the beautiful shiny things and we ended up here. Do you know why that is? Because as I look at the most recent Kardashian wedding, when I see extravagance and wistfully sigh at how lovely it must be to have all that and more, I am quick to remember that I crave a simple life really. A new handbag or custom made dress isn’t going to make me happy for long.


Instead, I choose to fill my life up with living. What about you?


And no judgement here. We have been on both sides of the fence and enjoyed both. I’m just curious. Are you working hard for the money and enjoying the spoils of your riches or are you kicking back way out of the fast lane and soaking up the simple things in life?


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