We start 2014 slowly, all of us, the wi-fi included. Apparently the idea that the blog has been without content for days now does not concern the revellers as they clog the airwaves with wishes of festive cheer. So I turn back to a blank page to scribble my ideas and thoughts down . Nothing comes so I find something else to do.

The day unfolds and reveals itself as the cursor blinks. The day here gets hotter and bit by bit it becomes impossible to sit still. I do some cleaning, a little cooking and then I find myself back here. Back to put into words my hopes for 2014. Back to make a resolution or two. Back because I love to blog and without it life seems a little less exciting.

So here I go. 

This year I resolve to be peaceful. To go with the flow more, to do the clichéd following of my bliss. To laugh and love, to cook and eat, to dress up and go out more. I will plan a little bit less, do a little bit more and enjoy the time I spend where I spend it.

I have some big plans for 2014 for this blog and the communities associated with it. I hope you’ll join me as things get a wee bit more exciting. I want to talk more about confidence, about being awesome, about people and about personal style. There’s something in the works, hint hint, that will see all these things and more delivered to your inbox daily. Watch out for your chance to sign up next week.

Hubby wants more recipes on the blog, more use of the billions of cookbooks I own and more chances for us to entertain at home. So of course I will oblige. I love to cook, I’ve been missing it actually. I may not be able to bake to sable my life {perhaps I might learn?} but I do throwing things together and seeing what shows up.

2014 is the year of keeping our promises. At home we are seeing through some long forgotten plans, doing the things we said we would do a while ago. Cleaning up, cleaning out and letting go. Hear that Hubby, letting go. That means you buddy. Our house will have the final touches that make it our home. I expect that there will be more blackboard paint involved just quietly.

And finally we welcome a new furry addition to the family this year. We are getting a dog! She will be here within the fortnight, is yet to be named and is the reason behind the sudden completion of our back fence that has been a work in progress for almost 6 years now. I like her already. I wonder about what life looks like with a dog and realise as usual I am over thinking it. Morons get pets all the time. I’m sure I can manage it.

So there you go. My resolutions, my commitments, my goals. The updates with what’s new around here. The lame part is that there’s not much new. We’ve had an amazing 2013, enjoyed it thoroughly, we pretty much want another year like that but betterer. As you do. So welcome back to a shiny new year of Suger Coat It. Let’s get on with that whole living the sweet life thing, shall we? All those in favour say aye!


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