Netflix and I are besties. Netflix keeps me company as I work whether it be morning, noon or night. The sound and rhythm of movies help me focus. So, the short version is I watch a lot of them. Some unknown movies I click on I adore. But one genre I keep coming across time and time again (predominately by accident, but I blame Chris Klein for this) is the 90’s sex comedy.

An actual genre apparently.

Let THAT sink in for a moment.

Think American Pie.

Then think even lower budget, higher on the objectification of women.

There you go.

Time after time I find myself half watching and thinking who the heck MADE these movies? Who came up with a plot that is just a couple of idiot men (offensive) trying to get laid by whatever disgusting means they can. Women are objects and barely speak (offensive) then throw in a few racist jokes, a fart gag or two, some form of expelled bodily fluid and a career in something notoriously jock-like and hey presto, movie time.

It makes me throw up in my mouth.

Of course, I could not watch them. Often I turn them off, and I’m not one to quit on a movie ever, but it just drives me insane that these movies get made over the millions of possible movies submitted for consideration every year. Stories about real people (man, I love real stories) or movies with actual humour, inspiration, action… ANYTHING.

Oh my god, thank goodness they predominately stopped being made in the 90’s.

Thank goodness.

And yeah, I know, this is a random deviation from our regular programming, but as I sat there, attempting to write a post about women and taking up space in the world, I was hit in the face by yet anther shocker of a movie and I got distracted. Because damn it, these stupid movies shape ideas, and that just annoys the heck out of me. Gosh.

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