Considering a dark Instagram theme? There are some pros and cons for you to consider before you take the leap to the dark side. Don’t worry, I’ve got your back, I live there. And if you’ve been to the Suger Coat It Instagram you’ll notice we went over to the dark side about six to nine months ago. It’s a dark, moody, often monochrome feeling theme that makes my heart happy.

Man, I love that dark moody theme.

Dark themes suit all style of accounts but work especially well for food, street style and portrait/lifestyle accounts. But, there are downsides to running a dark theme in a world of light and bright Instagrams. I’m going to outline the pros and cons, for those playing at home. Plus, there’s a video where I talk you through if that’s more your style. If it is, make sure you pop over to YouTube and leave it some love. That sort of thing matter over there. Ready? Let’s do this.

Pros and Cons of a Dark Instagram Theme - Suger Coat It

The Pros and Cons of a Dark Instagram Theme


It looks good. Like, really good. Especially if you’re into food photography. It might just be me, but it seems so chic and modern. I might be biased but dark photography just speaks to me. I love the way that you HAVE to know where your light is coming from to make it work. It’s an artform, and I love it.

Less competition as Instagram is filled with highly saturated or light and bright themes. It stands out in the feed, especially when you do it well. You could be THE stand out account in your niche if you account is different to the others.

Moody is IN. Think Riverdale and those dark tones. It’s night time photography, bokeh or fairy lights and saturated hues. It works beautifully with street and portrait photography in this sense. Perfect for conveying a mood.

Show off your skill! As I mentioned above, there’s a real art to dark photos, one I’m trying hard to master. A dark Instagram theme is just what you need to show it off. This is especially true if you use a lot of light and shade in your images or created light with flash or painted light.

Suger Coat It Instagram


Less likely to be reposted or shared by brands. WHY? Because of it being different from most themes out there. I’ve found working with businesses and brands that they are requesting brighter, predominately white images. Whatever your feed you can make that work, but it demonstrates the trend out there for light and bright.

Summer. Short version, I live in sunny Queensland, and it’s summer. Saturated colours and bright light are what my world looks like right now. I’d love to share an image of saturated blues and the bright teal of the ocean, but I’ve chosen my look, and I have to stick with it.

Dark can crossover to just bad. Make sure you’re not underexposing your photos just to make it work. Crisp, clear, well-lit images with a dark and moody vibe are what you’re after. Start to really pay attention to light and shade, that will help.

Pros and Cons of a Dark Instagram Theme - Suger Coat It

And there you go, team. What do you think? I know for some of you, theming your Instagram isn’t a thing. But you can’t argue that it’s not gorgeous when it’s done well. Make sure you check out the video, there are links in the description to more dark themed Instagram beauties.


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