This post contains items gifted for review purposes.

Since the very first time I was contacted about the Virtu Active range I’ve been a raving fan. I’ve had my collection supplemented by the brand and with my own purchases. My entire workout wardrobe is made up from this range. Thank goodness for it is all I have to say! Then earlier this year the Virtu sister brand TS 14 plus introduced their active wear range and I was a heck yes when it came to a review. Especially since my sister looks a little different since the last time we did this… Remember?


It turns out that within that teeny tiny belly was the makings of my nephew. When we took these pics my sis would’ve been between 4-8 weeks pregnant {depending on who you believe on dates and such}. She’s still made a pretty darn awesome gym buddy despite that whole knocked up thing. Haha.

Amanda Claire was advised by her Doctor and trainer to take the weights down a few pegs and to stay off any machines that required balance. Otherwise to carry on as usual. Stopping if anything made her strain too hard, heart rate increase too sharply or feel bad. Speak to your health care team for recommendations but don’t believe the doubters when they say you can’t. Just be smart lady.

AC is wearing the Energise top, you’ll see that I’m wearing the same top above in the older pics. This is a really versatile top. Buy it in your normal size and it’ll stretch with you. Up until two months ago, AC was still wearing the tank in the picture above. They’re going to grow with you and won’t be uncomfortable. Because trust me, if it was uncomfortable, the kid would’ve told me.

The downside of this awesome fabric is that is grabs a bit. AC has managed to pull hers {if you look really close in the photos below} with her Pandora charm bracelet and rings. Me? I’ve never had an issue personally. I’m not as big of a fan of bling. My orange one is still in great condition and only has a few pulls from pegs etc. It’s almost 9 months old now.

The Venture Leggings are the cutest. A great fit, the ties at the back are a nice addition and AC is wearing her normal size just under her belly. She did say they are a little tight this week, but they’ll serve her well in a few weeks post baby, I’m sure. If you’re ordering these for yourself, go your normal size.

Amanda Claire wears

Virtu Energise Top {mint out of stock online} {XS}
Virtu Venture Leggings {XS}

The Venture Tank is my new favourite. I have a number of the shirts and I love them for everyday workouts but when it comes to running this relaxed fit tank is just the boss. Sleeveless, flat seams and that little bit of extra length make it really comfortable. It breathes really well and even if you’ve worked up a heck of a sweat it’s not the sort of grey that shows it off to the world. The wide straps hide your bra AND crop top straps. All in all, it’s nice to be in a tank for once and I’m really enjoying the option.

I’m wearing

Virtu Venture Relaxed Tank {L}
TS 14+ In Stride Leggings {L}

And then the sun came out and rained on my parade. The rest of the photos are a little contrasty and the colours are lighter than they are in real life. Check out the product listing for correct colours and photos of models not trying to hide from the sun. I almost didn’t include them but I knew you guys would rather see the product than miss out because of some sort of bad photos. So the show goes on…

The Atlantic Hoodie shown below is the fleece’iest, comfiest hoodie ever. It’s a large fit so I have the medium. I could have gotten the small but the extra length and looser fit makes it super comfy. I’ve washed and worn this one 4 times already. To say it’s a new favourite is an understatement. I wore it with my blue shorts and sneakers the other day and Hubby keeps at me to wear it again to get photos. So if that happens, you guys will be the second to know. Or third… You know.

That was a the Virtu Atlantic Hoodie {M} . Best hoodie EVER!

Next up are the items from the TS14+ range. The In Stride leggings, top and runabout jacket. The jacket was sent for my sister but since she has a thing for matchy matchy {gosh, genetic?} she insisted I put it on for these photos as it matches my in stride leggings. And just proving the quality stretch of these items, the jacket is the XS and I’m wearing the Large in the other items. So don’t be afraid to order down a size if you’re borderline, I think you’ll be okay.

The In Stride leggings are MY FAVOURITE leggings at the moment. Because I’m doing a lot of running and intervals I find them really comfortable, they don’t swish and they seem to have this magic grip ability once you get going. What I mean by that is that throughout the first run interval I find I might have to pull them up but by the second and third run, they’ve stuck to me like glue and aren’t moving anywhere. I don’t know if there’s a technical reason for that, but it’s awesome. And proven over a couple of weeks of runs now.

Now I’m wearing:

TS14+ Runabout Jacket {XS – Amanda’s}
TS14+ In Stride Top {L}
TS14+ In Stride Leggings {L}

And a squint thanks to the sun!

So there you go ladies, there’s a pretty comprehensive review of some of the new collections. I hope that those of you looking for quality {but still affordable} active wear that I can personally guarantee will keep up with you for a long time to come, that this has given you another option.

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