This post started out like any other. Except any other outfit posts when my Hubby isn’t home and I whip out the tripod. That sort of any other. I had this outfit hanging on a hook since I realised that the pink skinny ASOS Curve jeans I’d picked up from Tabitha’s online garage sale finally fit! Woot. I’d paired them with this Autograph tunic in my closet and when I picked up the cute mint green shoes at Target, it was a match made in heaven. Add a tan belt, add some messy hair. All done.

Or so I thought.

The belt didn’t work and got a little lost with all the ruffle/pocket action, so I took it off.

I scouted around for a necklace to replace it and could find nothing.

So I took the photos anyway.

They didn’t really work out.

The shape of the tunic over the jeans is what it is, the colours are gorgeous and all that but it just doesn’t DO anything for me. If you get what I mean. My shape, my hard-fought at the gym recently revealed was gone. Sure my arms were there. But everything else was gone, especially without a belt or something at the waist. So I went for the blousey tuck.

You know. Where you tuck a tunic into your pants or skirt and hope they don’t bunch up giving you a weird crinkled and lumpy belly look? That. I took some more photos. Taking the time to grab some photos of the shoes to share. Thinking again, that this would be a simple outfit photo when I was done. Click, click, click. The neighbour’s dog barks at me in MY backyard, as it does. I yell at it to shut up, this is my yard. Etc etc.

And it didn’t really work out either. The jeans are still a bit too tight. The tucked tunic gives me a rounded appearance that doesn’t really work for me given that my shoulders are the widest part of me. I sigh in frustration and think that perhaps this is one of those looks that is best left for someone else. If I was thinking right I would have thrown on one of my blazers, I think this would have helped. An apple would work the HECK out of this. So I did what any normal girl would do.

I took my pants off.

Mini dress it is.

Take that tunic. You are now a cute sun-dress.

Yes, perhaps best suited to the beach or somewhere that I find it acceptable to flash bits of my bum in public.

But a mini, cute, spring dress none the less.

How great would some mint beads or belt or something like that be with this?

There you go. That is how this outfit post turned into a how to post of sorts. One about how to wear a tunic multiple ways. Or how to work out what best suits your shape. Or how Jeanie and her visual diary technique is just about right as you can get. Sometimes, no matter how hard you try, an outfit doesn’t work FOR YOU sometimes. But you have to keep working with it, shaping it, moulding it, making it work for you and your shape. And if that doesn’t work, well return it or sell it.

Or take off your pants.

 Tunic – Autograph {similar}

Jeans – ASOS Curve

Shoes – Target {gifted}

{so brand associations apply, please see my disclosure policy}

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