Hey team, I’d love to introduce something COOL I’ve been working on behind the scenes… The Suger + Ink podcast. I’ve teamed up with the super fun Samara from Blonde Ink on this and we cannot wait to launch our iTunes assault on the airwaves (assault may actually be correct, we’re new at this) on August 1st!

Why a podcast? HOW?

Samara is a big podcast listener. Me? Not so much. But Samara identified pretty early on that one thing that was missing from the podcast world was one about plus size women. So when something is missing why not create it for yourself, right? And after Samara emailed me floating the idea, then some back and forth, that was exactly what we did. Go us.

SUGER + INK is a podcast for plus size women.

The ones who want to see more plus size women in magazines, on TV, everywhere. For women who want to hear and discuss love, laughter, shopping, relationships, cooking, style and everything in between. We want to hang out and chat just like we would if we were catching up over wine on a Friday night.

This podcast is for you!

Join us each week as we talk about a range of topics from the F-word (which I’m afraid already came up in our introduction episode, whoop), to fabulous places we like to shop, exercise as a plus size babe, love and more. No topic is off limits. You’ll hear from two curvy ladies with real opinions about living life plus size.

And that’s my news for today! How cool is that? I can’t wait to get this little project up and running but for now, we have set up a website where you can subscribe for updates, or stay tuned. I’ll let you know when we are live on August 1st on all the socials.

Will we see you there? Are you a podcast listener?

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