Dear plus sized ladies of the world. If you haven’t heard of Nicolette Mason then you need to get your butt on over there now and check it out. It’s okay, I’ll wait… No. Scratch that, go there later you’ll be there for AGES. I know I always am. For one, Nicolette’s style is very much up my alley. Plus she is living an amazing, jam packed full of awesome life of her own making. What a plus, right? We love people doing great things around here and well, Nicolette is pretty darn great. But you came for the clothes, right? We should get started!

Now it’s always difficult to talk about someone else’s style, to describe it in a way that you hope will accurately represent the way the person sees themselves. It’s especially bad when doing these posts with blogger’s, because let’s face it, the chances of Melissa McCarthy or Adele reading these posts is slim, but a blogger probably will glance over it at least. It’s worse AGAIN when that blogger is a known fashionista. That makes it really difficult. So hold me Sugers, this one took a bit out of me. But I’m going to do it anyway. 


In my books, without being too cliché, Nicolette’s style has that polished elegant look about it. Firstly because of the shoes, her shoes are always impeccable and covet-able and the accessorizing and skilful mix and match of high/low fashion that seems to be a city dressing default style. Now I almost went as far as to say the look is VERY New York. But since I think that might be a bit of a lazy description for what it a versatile style, I decided against it. But it has that vibe about it. Location wouldn’t matter ultimately. So for me, the style is quintessential ladylike with quirk.

As you can see from the collage of images below there is an emphasis on unexpected pairings and feminine shapes. And legs, it’s all about those legs. To replicate this style you would NEED a hot leather moto jacket, loads of great shoes, accessories that scream something PERSONAL to you and sunnies up to the ears. What appeals to me is the use of great base items in classic cuts and styles with great accessories and layers added for interest {the addition of the chambray shirt, knotted over the floral dress for example}. The fact that it all looks like big heaps of fun appeals to me too.

Actually, I would be a very happy girl to just crawl into this wardrobe and live there. Check out why…

Nicolette Mason Steal Her Style Collage

 Visit Nicolette’s blog at www.nicolettemason.com.


Nicolette Mason: Steal Her Style Shopping Board

1. Two Tone Jacket 2. Slouch Pants 3. Leather Trim Button Up
4. Pleather Skater Skirt 5. White Peplum Top 6. Zebra T-Shirt
7. Grey Full Skirt 8. Statement Knit Cardigan
9. Black Pinafore 10. Floral Bomber Jacket


So what say you are blogger’s your style icons or do you use celebrities as your go to ladies? 

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