Part of my blog basics chat at the Workshop last, last weekend covered working with brands. It was meant to be a tiny portion but ended up quite a large chunk. It seems for bloggers out there this is a hot topic. Proven last week when some of Australia’s blogging best came out with their PR/Brand posts about value and worth and more. Always an important conversation.

Here are my tips for working with brands and PR’s;

  • Work out what you want for you and your blog. Do NOT take another step forward without doing this. Work out everything from why you blog, what your blog is about, who your readers are, how much an ad spot, sponsored post or sponsorship package would be… Etc etc. If you aren’t clear, how can you stand for what you want. Like the old saying goes, if you don’t stand for something, you’ll fall for anything. I think that applies here beautifully.
  • Ask other bloggers as many questions as possible. It will help you work out the value of your blog and space on it etc. Don’t be shy to ask. Some people won’t answer, but that’s more about them than you. Move on to the next one.
  • Make a list of brands that you want to work with. Big or small, if they are brands you use and believe in, put them on the list. After you’ve worked out what you want, what you can offer and even an idea or two for posts, approach them.
  • Make your emails friendly, professional and short. Tell them why you’re emailing, introduce yourself and even include a link {one, or you’ll get spammed} to a post you might have included them in in the past. Remember first impressions count, what will yours say about you.
  • Be of value to them. If you are just emailing asking for free stuff this will come through. If you genuinely are interested in working with them to the benefit of both parties, then this will show up. I always like to come up with ideas on how to feature new items or products before asking to be involved. And because of my focused method, I find this to be successful 80-90% of the time in reaching a mutually beneficial outcome for the brand and I.
  • Prepare a media kit. Keep it simple, informative and let your personality shine through. Keep it short, in my opinion no more than 3 pages and be honest about your stats, engagement and what you are after. Use such fabbo posts such as Glow’s or definitely download Tina’s eBooks {currently $9.95 for both}.

So there you go. For those that asked, you’re welcome. For those that didn’t, well there you go, one more PR/Brand post to cap off the week. YOU’RE WELCOME. Mmmmm, Monday blog chat. I like it!


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