Ahhh Valentines Day. You old so and so. Here you are again. It’s a bit of a non-event in our house. Some years Hubby buys flowers, sometimes I make him a super dinner and sometimes, well, we do nothing at all. This year we did nothing major, no fuss or frills and frou frou, just us, doing our thing and eating. Again. I decided to try out my new bargain skirt for the evening and it turns out that eating an a size 18 pencil skirt that is quiet firm is NOT the best choice. Thank goodness for the stretch it did have!

Originally I planned this outfit on Polyvore. I discovered the iPhone app last week and it’s rekindled my love for all things outfit planning. Seriously, it’s too much and I feel super organised, if not way over obsessed. I create dream outfits and every day type outfits. I imagine that it’s going to be all kinds of useful. I do love a new app or two. That’s a little lame, right!? Haha. Anyways, back to our night {all hour of it pretty much}.

After a take-out dinner from THE pizza/pasta place in town. Then a little bit of driving and a celebratory ice cream cone and we came home, snuggled on the couch and I forced Hubby to watch soppy girl type movies starting with Chocolat. Ha. Take that Hubby, sappy and wonderful goodness in your face. Hubby attempted to demand that we watch the Green Hornet. Now, I’m ok with comic books movies in general, I like to watch them, but come ooooooon. No way fella. It’s romance time. Like it or lump it. He liked it. On the inside. Probably. I AM awfully persuasive.

And a fun little side note, it turns out we ate too much garlic and we were practically a haze of smelliness. As I write this, I was just thinking ‘thank goodness the photos were taken BEFORE the garlic smell arrived…’ Oh dear. Derr fred, this isn’t smell-o-vision. Face palm. Enjoy the pics!

Trying to hold it together as Hubby dances around the place.

000 Hubby 001


plus size valentines day outfit 006

plus size valentines day outfit 007

Can we talk about how long my hair is now!? SUPER LONG.

plus size valentines day outfit 004

000 Hubby 002

Ha. This dude.

plus size valentines day outfit 002

Top – Lily & Lou
Belt – Target
Skirt – Kmart
Shoes – Women by Morrissay
Necklaces – Swapped

AND Hubby wears some old crap he’s owned for a million years and thongs. So glad I got dressed up. HA.


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