I was offered a ticket to the Lookbook.nu hosted by Portable event in Brisbane, without knowing too much I took it. I’d heard of Lookbook of course. The fashion crowd almost all have accounts there. I was curious, so I put on some make-up and a stripy dress and drove to Brisbane. I was running a little late by the time I found parking and navigated the state library to find the venue. Nothing like sneaking in late in squeaky flip flops to draw attention to yourself.

Yes you heard that right, flip flops. I had wedges but given there was a hike from the car park, I had to hustle and it was fricken hot, I didn’t bother. Where else but Queensland, right?

This event, this conversation, was worth the drive, the parking fee and so, so much more. It gave an insight into fashion blogging, the competitive nature and the community, where it’s going and what is really possible in blog/brand relationships. One of the speakers referred to these relationships as a natural progression. Most users WANT to buy the products, to not give them links annoys them.

Seriously. Let that sink in for a while.

There was some discussion about past and present campaigns and using gifted product to create styled looks for a client. Attractive, often professionally photographed looks with that brands items there front and centre, running simultaneously with more traditional banner advertising. I can see these campaigns being a huge success. I saw the Swarovski Crystal bangles and wanted them. Said a little thank goodness that the link was so readily available.

I didn’t buy one, but let me tell you, it’s on my radar.

One day I might.

So mission accomplished, right?

It was refreshing and more than a little challenging to hear the commerce side of blogging discussed so openly. It challenge my ideas on what was possible, the thoughts about alerting the readers to gifted or sponsored content. I sat there thinking, jotting notes {which I never DO} and thinking. Planning and thinking. Loving them sick and thinking. I just adored the common sense approach the website creators have taken to starting and growing their site since the doors first opened.

Lookbook.nu currently has 9 employees, 10 serves and over 2,000 looks a day uploaded to the site. I’ve been doing my part since I opened my account this week posting one a day. Scrolling for hours through outfits and shuffling it into categories to view the Aussies, the brands and more. This isn’t a sponsored post, I think that’s important to mention. I’m late to the party and in awe of what I’ve discovered now that I’m there.

Hence the disjointed flow of this post.

I’m like, oh my gawd, yes, there was THIS too. I loved this.

Oh, and this. Don’t forget this.

So, hang in there, we’re almost done.

Finally I walked away with a gift bag from ASOS and a sense of what I’m doing being ok. I’m on the right path, finding my feet but heading a way that excites me, for sure. I see this as an opportunity to grow my blog, my experience in fashion and everything that is exciting me at the moment. I also left reassured that partnering with brands doesn’t make me a dirty sell out like some people would have you believe. I feel like I’m at the back of the pack at the forefront of something big. And I’m happy to ride the coat tails for now, just to see where I end up. Exciting times ahead my friends, exciting times.

Do you have any questions about the event or this post? If I can answer them I will, or I’ll ask someone else. So go on, shoot.  

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