I was dragged kicking and screaming, sometimes literally, into packing up the house while I was on holidays over the past two weeks. I huffed and puffed. I sooked. I wanted to be at the beach, not in the recesses of my house pulling things out of cupboards, sorting, and packing. The phrase I don’t want to was whined through the house on more than one occasion.

Such a grown up.

Don’t get me wrong. Selling our house is something I am on board with 110%. One hundred and ten percent. But this part, I hate this part! The packing, the trips to the bank and solicitors to organise the transfer and settlement. I’m self-acting, of course, doing all the running around because I don’t have anything better to do. Derrr. This part displeases me. Lots! So I pack and phone and complain and things will eventually get done. They always do, right?

We settle next week and I need to be out asap. Putting our lives for the past 6 years into boxes is an interesting thing. I’m learning a lot about us and our relationship packing those boxes. We like to keep things. We have boxes full of stuff that reminds us of something. I have show programs from every musical or show I have ever seen. Mr Suger has folders of recipes from high school. We are walking a fine line here people. We almost have too much stuff. Way too much.

I’m tempted to throw the entire lot and start again, let me tell you. Go minimal or something. Can those memories really be captured by those things? Can they be stored there for a rainy day in my distant future when I open those boxes? I wonder about that. I love to be able to hold these things up remember. But could I remember just as well without them? It would certainly make the load carry lighter.

Or is that just something that pops up its head when you are packing endless boxes? The urge to get rid of everything. The want for a clean slate? Maybe it’s moving in the New Year/fresh start for everyone crossover time of year. Who knows but the urge to dump is high, and for the most part, I’m accepting the challenge. Everything must go!

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