This week brought some unexpected changes in life. Changes that will see me once again taking the opportunity to work from home and blog. All. The. Time. Exciting news but when it came down to it, the entire process left that bittersweet after taste in my mouth. I hadn’t been ready and I had no immediate plans. But, I decided it was time to cut my losses and go.

So how did I do that?

How when there is a situation that no longer serves your goals do you walk away. I took a few steps to prepare myself and figured maybe there was someone out there who would need the push too. By sharing that slowly, piece by piece, I was letting my dreams for what I wanted to do slip through my fingers day after day.

I want to say everything but am aware too, that matters like this require sensitivity. Just know that I woke up often and wondering what the heck I was doing, where I was going, and how the heck I got there. I worried about making the jump, leaving behind the team I worked with, the safety of a regular paycheck. Would I be able to do it? For me. For everything, I’d planned for myself.

So I gathered my courage, checked in with the people whose opinion matters most to me. I asked them their thoughts and requested their advice on how to manage the change. Their advice was varied and extensive. I made a mental note of all the beautiful things they had to say to me and shelved it for future reference. People are the best resource for ideas. You have to ask them.

Next, I considered the options.

I considered what chance I’d have of making it through the next week, month, quarter and year without a day-job. I scribbled notes on paper all over my house. My mind had gone into overdrive; that happens apparently. I had opened the floodgates by deciding to make a move. Ideas flooded to me, and I grabbed at them, aiming to save them for later. Then I made a stand for what I wanted, and I said goodbye — the end.

Here I am on the early days of the other side. I am madly attempting to wrap up outstanding work to claw an income from the tiny threads that are hanging around for me. I am at this moment, a full-time blogger and social media consultant. Monday I woke up, wrote, entered some data that remains outstanding, made coffee and smiled to myself. I’d made the right choice.

Now it is time for me to live confidently the ‘sweet life’ I talk about on here so often. My life was good, really good and full and exciting but I knew I wanted more. Today I stand here, having cut my losses and taken a leap of faith towards my dreams. Again. I’ve done this and failed before; you remember that right? I’m okay with that. And I’m even okay if I fail again this time. If that happens, I’d cut my losses and move on from that too because it turns out all that happens is that you need to suck in a big, deep breath and go for it.

And hope like hell! Fingers crossed folks, fingers crossed.

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