Saturday mornings, I can usually be found tucked up in the corner of a cafe with my laptop, iPad and more, tapping out a few posts into drafts and getting lots of emails and such done. Saturday mornings are my big workday for my blog. Some of you knew this. Some have even dropped by and said hello on your way past or waved from the coffee line up. The other thing that I hardly ever mention is that I have a standard of the dress too. Maxi dress and tee. Or in the cooler months, jumper.

So in the theme of showing you some less WOW, does she always look that hot photos {ha, no one said THAT, I made it up. SO vain} here are some from a Saturday morning pre-blog workday. You’ll note the messy bun, the minimal make-up and the tote style ‘M’ bag to carry all my junk around in. Flat shoes too. Of course. Comfort, comfort, comfort. If you run into me at the shops, schlepping around, I’d be wearing some version of this.

This neon sweater you’ve seen before in the low key races outfit from a few months ago. I’ve worn it quite a lot in the few months since it arrived. There’s nothing like finding something that fits well, is on the season and was cheap as chips. Love that. This bag was a very similar story. I clicked on a Google Ad once and found my way to the store, this was on the sales page, and I just knew I needed it. I even bought it on my phone, using Paypal, such was my commitment to ownership. It cost me around $20. Maybe $25 and totally rocks my socks. The fact it has the initial of my first name was a big factor. The neon yellow was the main one.

What’s your fallback weekend style?


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