The time has come, my friends. The time is NOW. The time when we laugh at the ridiculousness that is posing for a thousand photos of yourself a week. Welcome to the THIRD bloopers post instalment. I feel like I should do more of an introduction to this post but you guys know what they look like, you’ve been here before. It’s all silly faces and weirdo poses because being a ‘fashion’ blogger is hard work! Toungue firmly in cheek, but seriously. Ha! So check them out and submit your best caption. You’ll notice Hubby makes an appearance a couple of times this post. He’s just too funny not to include.


Posing: Level EXPERT.

Attack of the killer bees!! Ok, normal bees. Whatever. 

Well. This one is just, errr, special…

Skirt + Wind = Nice save! 

Did someone turn up the wind machine? 

Visitors to watch me pose are THE BEST. 

Nice ass. HA.

Look, I hate to say it but this looks like a giant wedgie pull. 

Are you a bit ridiculous? Can you laugh at yourself? I hope so.

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