I don’t know about you, but the minute I saw IG TV launched online, I downloaded the secondary app immediately. Not sure what I’m talking about, read this from the Instagram blog first. Short version. Watch the video if you’re interested. I’ve embedded it and everything. (And yes, I went looking for it on YouTube before realising they’re mortal enemies, my bad).

More ways to consume video, exciting! As I scrolled through all I could think about was the huge potential there is for someone to create something new, and cool, and completely different. Because everything looked same-same. And when everyone is doing the same thing (for now, to start anyway) there’s a BIG opportunity for you there.

IG TV, well, now what?

Someone doing it well, so far, and I’d say that’s because of the footage she has available to her from YouTube, is Kellie B of And I Got Dressed. Killing, as per. I’ve been looking around and I thought maybe what would be most helpful was a few hints and tips. Like, dos and don’ts but I couldn’t fit them all into that, so calling it hints it is.

It’s not stories.

I get it, the urge to just upload your Instagram stories to IG TV is tempting. It’s a new app and getting in fast can go a long way to gaining some serious traction there before anyone else jumps on. BUT, story content is different, think of IG TV more like having a vertical YouTube channel.

It’s why there’s a desktop upload option, they WANT you to be editing and making something cool. Check out Shonduras and the series “Will It Shred?” (formally on YouTube) on the platform. Come up with a ‘show’ or ‘series’ idea and upload it weekly, fortnightly or monthly. That’s my hot tip.

It IS a way to expand your brand story.

You might not be a business or brand, but this tip still applies. IG TV is the perfect opportunity to increase your connection with your audience. Expand what is possible in terms of story-telling on Instagram. Anywhere, really. We all know how much time we spend with our phone vertically in our hand, so carve out some of that time to share who you are and why you’re there. And that doesn’t have to be serious.

I mean, you heard video is a big deal, right?

I know, I know, I’ve said it before and you’ve heard it before. I’ve heard it myself a billion times, but the future (which is basically the present) is video and voice. And you, in whatever form that suits you, if you WANT your piece of social media pie, need video. Your plans should all included video. Video video video. Marsha flashback intended.

The best news is that this format seems like so much fun! The introduction to it, see the Instagram post above, is so exciting and filled with personality. If that’s what each of us can make our IG TV channels, that’s such a win. Content that is considered but free and easy at the same time.

It’s a keeper.

The best news about the videos uploaded to your IG TV channel isn’t going anywhere. They live there until you get rid of them. That means if you have an amazing live session that needs a home, this is 100% it. The best news is that anything you have stored on your phone or computer that has since disappeared from Instagram, you can upload it. There’s no timeframe for the uploads like there was at launch with Stories. It’s a free for all.

Just, go vertical, pahlease!

There’s one caveat on that free for all thing, this is a vertical platform. It should be used as a vertical platform. Sure you could go landscape and hope people flip their screen, but the app isn’t set up for that. In fact, they basically scoff at people having to do that, so I’d guess they won’t make it easy. It’s simple, don’t complicate it, go vertical.

IG TV is here - Suger Coat It

So, team, those are my first impressions on how we can use this new shiny thing we’ve been given. Have you been using it? What have you found so far? Do you have a tip for us??  


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