My whole life I’ve had this body. It has been smaller and bigger. Shorter but never taller. Unless you count wearing heels. We’ve had our good days and our bad days. I like to think of my body as an old friend. Or a sibling. You aren’t always going to get along, but you love them {it!} unconditionally. So yes, my body is my bestie. But it’s been a long road. 
When I was a child I considered myself athletic and strong, just like my other family members. I wasn’t as fast or as talented but I was an athlete, of sorts. The first time I was called fat by an adult it shocked me. I was tall. I was strong. I was fit and healthy. Yet, I was fat. 
I didn’t know much but I knew that apparently this was a bad thing. So as I grew older and taller still, my aim was to be thin. Skinny. Svelte. Bit by bit the disordered eating began. It didn’t really work. I got thinner. But it was never far enough. I was never thin nor skinny nor svelte. I was bony. And hungry.  
Soon, I got sick of being hungry. Not long after that I was fat. Really fat. If only that first adult could see me now. I kept getting fatter. Not long before my wedding I hit the heaviest I had ever been. Since then, year by year I have chipped away at the weight I gained. Weight on, weight off, feel good, feel crap. Over and over. 
No sugar has made an impact and kilo by kilo the weight slips away. To date I haven’t actually even been back on the treadmill. But I’m looking forward to it. My aim and thinking is now focused towards fit, strong and healthy. Thin, for me, can go, errrrr JUMP {I had did have the F word here. But this blog is PG and mostly curse free. So picture if you will}.
So yes, I heart my body. And yes, I have some work to do until we are besties again. I think it’s probably mad at me. I haven’t been a good friend to it at all. I’ve been abusive and inconsistent. Mostly I didn’t listen to it. My body however has always been a faithful friend. Resilient and consistent and loyal. 
Are you about done with this metaphor? I am. Short version. I heart my body. Have a little faith in it. Treat it nicely. Maintain it well. Enjoy all it offers. Thinking happy thoughts about it. And try it remember that…
It’s the only one I’ve got.  
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