Introducing the newest member of the family, due for delivery in March {yes, the March that is only days away}. This is the Honda CR-Z. This car is everything I wanted in a car rolled into one. This car drives like a sports car but has a Hybrid engine. Sure it only has dicky seats in the back, but as you know, I have no kids {it does have car seat mounts though, I checked}. It’s beautiful and fun and everything I wanted for the next couple of years.

And you have to watch this video, watch Sasha {the lady in the video}  hook it out of the vineyard in the last 10 seconds. THAT’s my favourite bit. That and her fabulous shoes in the first half of the video. Check it out.

Not sponsored. I did tweet Honda to tell them of my purchase, they declined my offer to make another video like Sasha’s. They were however excited to hear how I went with the car when I got it. I’m thinking maybe I should have shown them the Volvo video with Danimezza? Do you think THAT would change their mind?


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