humblebrag (plural humblebrags)
An ostensibly self-deprecating statement made to show off.

We all know the people who are professional and super proficient in the humble brag. I laughed out loud when on NCIS LA the other night they were calling Kensei out for her tendency to Humble Brag about being hit on at the gym, her size 2 jeans being baggy etc etc. I love it. Humble Brag for the win! Case in point from the fearless leader of the Virgin group. Classic humblebrag.

Classic because it references famous ‘friends’ and the idea that being linked sexually with a famous model is an #awkward moment. HA. Lies, all lies. We want to believe you but really mate, this is just a way to remind us all you have a pretty darn cool life. No problem. Point taken. Faux modesty is the central theme of most humble brags. 

Then it occurs to me that most bloggers can fall into the category. Lots of brag, lots of the time. And it’s part of the marketing strategy for most of us. I mean, how will people know to read our super awesome blogs if we don’t subtly point out how awesome they are? I’m okay with the humble brag. So here’s the admission part of things, I’m absolutely, one hundred and fifty percent guilty of this.

If someone won’t give me the praise and validation I feel I’m deserving of, I’ll give it myself. HA! Then I’ll watch in amusement as they squish up their nose in the awkward way people do when they know you’re humble bragging. They know it, you know it, nod and smile and hope it ends soon. HA!

My boobs are so big it makes seat belts annoying to wear but you know, safety first!

My hair is so long now that it takes ages to dry. Sigh. I wish I could make short hair work for me.

I get so many invitations and requests every week I find it hard to make time for everyone. But I try because making people feel important is essential.

My legs hurt from those three extra gym classes I took. All of them super hard.

See what I did there? Humble brag. Level expert.

Do we think the humble brag is a problem? I’m thinking yes and no. I think me doing it, great! Others, awkward. A complete double standard that I skip over with the elegance of a highly trained ballet dancer. You know the funny part, is that they are so easy to spot on other people but I hardly ever realise I’m doing what I’m doing until someone {usually my Hubby} calls me on it.

Tell me, what’s the funniest humble brag you’ve heard or SAID. The wankier the better. Fess up folks.

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