Have you seen the Afterpay logo online and wondered what was THAT about? What it Afterpay and how does it work? I know I did. So, after using it for the first time about a month ago, I thought I’d fill you in on the process so you can see if it works for you.

No, for those playing at home, this post isn’t paid for, sponsored, or in any way affiliated with the Afterpay people.

If you’ve been around the blog for a while, you’d know that I’m not into credit cards. The ability to resist a big shiny balance is beyond me, and I can’t help myself. Buying ‘stuff’ calls to me. Anyway, my solution has been to live credit free. Predominately, we do utilise an interest-free card for household purchases. I wrote about how we paid down our credit cards in this post a while ago, worth a look if that’s something you’re dealing with.

But now, Afterpay, let’s talk about that. You make a purchase at a participating online store, and you make four fortnightly payments of the total amount you spend. If you spend $400, you make a total of four $100 fortnightly repayments. Pay $80, and it’s 4 x $20. Though come to think of it, I wonder if there’s a minimum. I’ll update when I find out.

The best part? The clothes ship immediately. Win!

The process is pretty simple; as you go through the checkout of the Afterpay online store of your choice just select Afterpay as your payment method. From there you log into your account (similar to how you log in for Paypal) and choose your card from the list of cards you have available in your account. This will break down your total for you and give you the ‘due now’ payment which is your first instalment. From there you return to the online store and finish your transaction.

I’ve heard it described as the layby that you get before you pay for it. Which, let’s face it, it is. It direct debits from your account (I used a visa debit card) with the first payment coming out when you place the order, then fortnightly after that. You make four payments in total. Afterpay don’t appear to charge any additional fees on top of your order, and I found delivery times the same.

Plus Size Afterpay Retailers;

17 Sundays
Seraphim Clothing
Active Truth
The Unique You
Atomic Cherry
Best + Less
Ark Sportswear
Curvy Chic Sportswear

Retailers for accessories and limited extended sizing;

Jeans West
Blue Illusion
Tony Bianco
Mon Purse
Culture Kings
Planet Shoes
Poppy Lissiman

For a full list of women’s fashion head over to the Afterpay website.

Now, from my experience, I can tell it could get tricky if you had multiple payments on multiple purchases at once. The site sends you a text message a couple of days before the payment is due. Comfortable enough with one or even two cart totals, but if you went nuts and shopped ALL the stores, managing that could be difficult. I like the idea of making one or two purchases at a time. That’d be my hot tip.

Otherwise, it’s all very easy to do and pretty easy to spend your money. Actually, during the research for this post, I managed to pick up some new sneakers and a jumper. Needed, of course, but not something I’m in the position to pay for upfront right now. In that sense, it’s a great option for shopping online without using credit cards. Credit, it still is, and you should buy with that in mind.

Happy, responsible, shopping team!

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