Yesterday I had my hair done, it’s a lovely shade of ash blonde that I’m really happy with. I had a trim and a bit of a side fringe cut in as well. Then it was straightened and I was feeling pretty special. So of course I made Hubby take me out for sausages and vegetables {so classy, but he was in work clothes} and grab some pics. I wanted to show off my fab hair before I washed it and ruined it… However under the parking lot light my hair is a lovely shade of brassy gold. Sigh.

BUT I also couldn’t wait to show off these Harlow moto pants and ASOS Curve GEEK CHIC top. I’ve been trying to come up with a reason to wear this t-shirt to work since it arrived. Slogan shirts are an office no no though, so I’d saved it until now. I’m really happy with the material and sizing though, it’s nice to have had a good run with the stuff from ASOS again lately. For a while there, they just couldn’t be counted on.

Then there are these PANTS! I love them and there’s hardly a week when they haven’t been in the wash since they arrived. They are a ponte material with pleather panels at the waistband and at the calves. I’m wearing the size 22 after sending the 20 back. After wearing them for a little while I probably should have kept the 20 for a slimmer fit around my ankles and legs. Just a tip for those looking at them online.

Now you awesome nerds, here are the pics!


Blazer – Basque Woman
Tee – ASOS Curve
Moto Pants – Harlow Australia {gifted}
Shoes – Evans



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