Underwear is something I get asked about a lot. Shapewear in particular. You know that guts strangling stuff that squishes your organs into your spine and causes an unavoidable struggle of epic proportions every time you need to use the ladies? Yeah, that stuff. You tell me that you would like to feel sexy, look good AND wear shapewear.

I’m here to say, not possible, stop trying, run for the hills.

That’s my genuine, heart-felt two cents worth. Sure there are a lot of arguments for it. They even make lacy something-somethings that are aimed to constrain and pretty up your under regions. I’m sure there are a hundred and one brands that will argue fit and style and shape. But when you are uncomfortable, when sitting is a chore, when the idea of having to pee fills you with dread it’s just not possible to FEEL good enough to feel sexy. Me? I always feel a lot more like vomiting when wearing such stuff.

So you want a good foundation for your outfits? Something that will build confidence from the ground {of an outfit} up?My advice is buy some well fitting, decent coverage underwear and call it a day. Find something that when you slip it on it makes you feel good. Bright, lacy, revealing, whatever floats your boat. Place an outfit over it that makes you feel even better and go get yours lady.

Putting together the images for this post {from random google type sources with models only so as not to offend anyone} it amazed me how many brands, types and styles of shapewear are out there. It feels a little like the diet industry, the exercise industry, the beauty industry… I smell bullshit just quietly. So consider for a moment if you will that you don’t NEED these garments to feel good about yourself and your appearance.

I vote no.

p.s. I mean ZERO disrespect to the models in these photos who are giving it all they’ve got. They even manage to make them look good in a way that my body refuses to do. I also one hundred million percent am okay with you wearing what you like, when you like and if you like shapewear and it helps you feel sexy, awesome! But to say I am dubious is an understatement, so tell me all about it below, how wrong I am. Then explain to me how you wear that stuff and not squash your organs out. Ok? Great! 

*image sources

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